The Magic of the 12 Steps

By UnknownZone 04/10/18

I just had an interaction with a civilian who was complaining about getting old. He described a book of which philosophy he ascribes to, that has the 'fixed' idea of the 3 stages of life that work for him. As he continued to describe this philosophy and in his mind, 'the truth and only way' to look at the "3" stages of life as he referred to them, I interrupted him and said I did not subscribe to that and went on to express my beliefs of life in the 'over 50' age bracket to which he did not want to hear.

Why am I writing about this ? Because after I left that fixed and close minded way of looking at life, I was grateful to know that my beliefs are up to me and me alone. They include in great part the 12 steps which I am happy to know are the direct opposite of a fixed view of life at any stage and continue to be after miraculously staying sober 28 years plus. They give me not only a sense of renewed hope, usually on a daily basis, but also keep me in awe of what is possible for me on my path and my life at any given moment.

I WILL NEVER DRINK THE KOOLAID PEOPLE ! And because I'm sober, by the grace of God and the miracles, that's right, miracles not miracle of the program and the 12 steps, I can change and better myself taking any number of actions I was afraid to take before sobriety and leave the results to God (Oh Step 3 how I love thee), i.e. my Higher Power.

I'm still amazed at how people, in and out of the program think their way is the only way. The worst part for me is the obvious notion of fear based and brainwashed souls who have either given up their dreams or limit themselves in the name of practicality and think that you must too.

Yes, I am practical for today, and have a home and pay my bills and work a 'job' as I continue to be creative. However, with that old mustard seed of hope, I believe that my life could really change in miraculous ways, 'his/her wonders to perform' and that tomorrow could look, for me completely different than today.

You see, I wasn't suppose to get sober, and this 'friend' has no idea of the miracle of sobriety and so many other miracles I have experienced along the way, so how could I expect him to have any inkling of what my Higher Power just might have in store for me. I want to also make the joke that also he is 'a man' so there's that as well. (All hate responses welcomed). Of course many women are stuck in lives they do not realize could be more fulfilling as well.

To sum up this particular entry, I've always been a cynical optimist and will be till the day I die, as my parents (bless them for they did do the best they could, questionably), and society in general, as yet to squelch my spirit and neither will this 'friend' as he, in his own way, and I, mine, will carry on.

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