Low Point

By tdwisco 08/23/18

It's 4 A.M....in WI....can't sleep...so I go for a walk around Lake Andrea....it's dark drizzly and gloomy just the way I like it...I see a night crawler crawling across the path but he, uh/she (heard worms have both sets of sex organs, so they can fuck themselves, kinda like what I've been doing for the last umpteen years)...so I pick her up (ha, gonna say it's a she) and go to the shore and proceed to rip her apart and throw pieces into the lake. I notice the ankle bracelet I'm wearing and think I'm gonna cut this fucker off and put it on an Amtrak train to Chicago and go on extended camping across the country...Nah...too many disappointed people ? ...My Higher Power ? ....Nah...not sure that even exists.... so what's your next move asshole ? look for more worms ? make a phone call ? ... It's fucking 4am ! just don't know

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