Life's little Blessings

By Sobrietymom13 08/27/18

June 13 2017 was both an ending and beginning for me.  It was my fourth lifetime DUI.  My last was in 2000.  It happened in a parking lot.  If that wasn't God saying this ends here and now I dont know what was.  So I am a single mom currently serving six months on house arrest.  I get off Sept 29, 2018.  I am very grateful for my DUI.  I'm sure that sounds crazy...but I've made friends...real friends in AA  I started my blog sobrietymom which can be found at or on Facebook at sobrietymom, I volunteer at a soup kitchen and most importantly I am finding myself and repairing my relationship with my daughter.  Every day is a new blessing.  Hope you keep reading and read my blogs.  Hugs.

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