Lately I Have Been Thinking

By Vicky Paton 06/06/19

Lately, I have been thinking. I am always thinking. You would think that I would have answers after all this time. To be honest I have answers to some things, but the answers to the big questions continue to elude me.

I am not one to give up. I will carry on in my pursuit of happiness. This topic of happiness is a tricky one. For so many years I chased after it. Looking for this happy place, to no avail. I continued to crash into walls, stumble upon dead ends. 

Then it slowly came to me that happiness is not a destination it is in fact a state of being. We do not magically arrive at happiness. We have to choose to absorb it. Happiness is right here with us. We simply need to stop chasing after it, stop and see that it is with us. All we need to do is decide to toss aside our tendency to overthink it all.

Just be present, and sometimes silent. And we will begin to feel that crazy sensation called happiness. Don't get me wrong, it will always take work to feel it, but knowing that you don't have to chase it makes it a bit easier to experience.


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