By jrweaver 08/28/19

‘Hope’ is such a powerful thing.  In a world full of overdoses. giving Hope to someone that’s still struggling is amazing.  Too often we let the world ‘dictate’ our choices and that’s not good.  We can follow blindly and play Russian roulette with our life OR we can take back the power over our lives.  I chose to get better, I chose to get help and use the tools to handle those dangerous situations that always led me back to the streets.  I’m not a slave to my past, my demons have no power here anymore.  I’m not here to debate addiction vs recovery because Recovery saved my life and has the power to save many more.  For many of us it was Recovery or death, I’d be dead out there, physically or mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and that my friends is from someone that has hit rock bottom and had to stop the insanity, before it was too late.


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