Haiku for the 12 Steps

By cjbrecovery 12/27/18
Image for 12 Step Haiku -Rainbow

When I was in treatment, I had an assignment to express our battle with addiction in very simple terms. I had always been entranced by the simplicity and directness of Haiku.  In addition, expressing these challenges in only seventeen syllables was a challenge I wanted to undertake.  Recently, when I was struggling, I used that approach to break down the 12 Steps into Haiku; this is strictly my own feelings and interpretation, but I wanted to share it with others.


Step 1:

More than a problem,

I admit devastation;

A weakness that kills.


Step 2:

Hope is beyond me,

I look elsewhere for succor,

Hope shows me a path.


Step 3:

I welcome new light

And choose to follow the way

That leads to healing.


Step 4:

My actions caused pain,

But I cannot be afraid

To account for all.


Step 5:

I admit my loss

To begin my slow healing

My soul feels lighter


Step 6:

Looking upon them,

My faults cling closely to me

They need to depart


Step 7:

I dismiss my pride:

Though they were long part of me

My sins must wither.


Step 8:

More than just their names,

There must me a desire

To make my wrongs known.


Step 9:

Wisely I review

Those hurt by my base actions

And humbly voice them


Step 10:

My daily review:

Thoughts about my transgressions

Help me admit them.


Step 11:

I confer with God

Not asking for what I want

But what I can do.


Step 12:

The sleep is over

I share songs of awareness

To keep myself whole

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