Fresh Out of Detox

By Outreach1 03/29/19
angry Me (2).jpg

by Gregory Fields, MHS, ICADC

I got a lot of phone messages.

Last night Elvis called to ask me ARE YOU LONELY TONIGHT?

I was! I’ve been away. I had to re-think what I was doing.

Pete Townshend from The Who called asked WHO ARE YOU? I had to reconsider. I’m staying in.

Shortly after Marvin Gaye called and asked WHAT'S GOIN ON? Not much, I thought. I was tempted.

Then Annie Lennox phoned and simply asked WHY?

Ace called me to ask HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON? I thought for a minute, a little too long.

Boy George told me to ask myself: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME?

Whitney Houston called, HOW WILL I KNOW? Good question, I better think this through.

Then The Clash confused me again when the message was SHOULD I STAY, OR SHOULD I GO?

Fortunately, ABBA called from Sweden and appropriately asked DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW?

But the next message, the big, important one, was from Don Henley, he just said BETTER HANG UP! I did. I felt better.

Later, my old friend Peggy Lee called and asked me the same question as always: IS THAT ALL THERE IS? And I went to sleep, yes, that is all there is, and glad it was over.

The next morning Dinah Washington called, and I answered: WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES. 24 LITTLE HOURS. Now there are sunshine and flowers, where there used to be rain.

I’m still changing my number.



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