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By recoverytech 08/31/20
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Like many people writing their stories on this site, my life has been affected by addiction.  We may be dealing with addiction ourselves or lost a family member or friend to addiction.  I lost a family member to  addiction, and was surprised that a close friend of mine was dealing with addictiction as well.  I never knew.

During my research, I had learned about something called "The Three Circles."  With the help of my friend, we created a web application that allows users to define their activities and manage a log.

The Three Circles are a way for addicts (or any other person who wishes to monitor their behavior) to divide activities (or behaviors) into three basic categories:

  • Green/Healthy/Safe - These are helpful and healthy activities like going to meetings, meditating or therapy that help you manage your addiction
  • Yellow/Risky/Questionable - hese are activites that don't constitute a relapse, but may lead to it. These could be things like visiting a friend you used to act out with (which could also be a relapse behavior!). It is recommended that you work with a counselor or therapist when creating these items
  • Red/Relapse/Bottoms - These activities generally indicate a relapse and indicate a relapse. We will be adding an anatomy of a relapse tool soon. 

In this app, you will first pick the names of the three types of activities. You cannot proceed until you do so.

Next You will define your activity in the Activities Page. . You can add as many as you want, but make sure you assign them to their proper sections/category/color.

You can go to the Events Page to enter in your daily activity (a log of your events that you entered earlier). This will be used to generate some of your daily, weekly and monthly reports.

There are some special reports and features:

What to do- This is a randomly generated item from your green/health section to suggest a healthy activity. You must have at least five healthy items in your list. If you are feeling stressed, the suggested healthy activity may help.


  • You can view or print out an easy to read "Master List" of activities
  • A daily "score" of your log, and a total score for specified data range.
  • A graph that shows your daily progress by whatever date range you specify.

This is still a work in progress, but several people have been beta testing it and it is free and available. There are some features to be added, particularly data validation.

Please note: The web application does not use any tracking cookies (outside of those used in internal security), nor does it track your IP address or past logins (it  does track when data was entered). I do not even ask for your email address. For this reason, if you lose your password, you will not be able to recover it. Please use your browser's password manager or document the username and password somewhere safe.

Read more about the 3 Circles.

Again, you can access this free application at



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