The Edge

By Boozemusings Co... 05/04/18

I have stood at the precipice and looked down,
tottering on the edge,
vertigo gripping my mind.

the fall is inviting.
A momentary abandonment to flight.

The exhilaration of soaring
but for a brief time
before an abrupt ending.

It is not the fall that kills you
but the landing.

It is a frivolous and foolish thought.
I have no wings nor parachute.

Yet I contemplate it still.

I have stood at the precipice and looked out,
gazed upon the vast expanse
and distant horizon beyond.

I can feel the smallness of my being.

Here, I am alone
at the edge of the world
and unable to touch it.

Here, one step would not bring me closer
yet I am drawn to it.

I stand in awe and wonder,
unable to comprehend
my fascination and inability
to find the path that leads me down.

I have stood at the precipice,
eyes closed,
feeling fear.

I must not look down.
I cannot look out.
I shall back away
for this is no place for me.

I know what lies below
and that which lies beyond.
One step back avoids the fall
and leads me to the winding road
descending to the valley floor.

From there my journey may continue
far into the setting sun.

Today I will not drink,
step away from the edge and avoid the fall.

Will you join me?

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