Dropping the Rock Posted by Lori Crockett

By Lori Crockett 07/07/21

It is my history but it does not have to be my legacy. I am not who I was. I have asked God to help me change, help me put the past behind me, and help me move forward as someone who is healed. I can be the one to break the chains, the bondage of my past, and erase the heritage of pain and anger passed on through generations. I can be the one to change my reactions that were based on hurt, distrust, protection, and survival. I can be the one to change the direction that I will travel away from my family’s heritage of denial and dishonesty to oneself. Today I choose to shed the heavy burdens of other people’s pain and disappointment. I am not responsible for the choices and consequences of my family of origin. I cannot make up for the sadness of their unfulfilled dreams. I have my own dreams and a new family in recovery. Today I know that I make my choices and I can be true to myself. It is time to “drop the rock.”


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