Drinking Dreams

By Lori Crockett 04/23/20

I think what triggered my latest drinking dream, which I had last night, was an article I read about John Prine, a musical icon and hero, whose songs I had cut my teeth on in the 70’s as an impressionable young teenager. I loved him so and I had been listening to YouTube videos and reading articles every day since his passing on April 7, 2020. The memories of singing along to his songs, “Illegal Smile” and "Paradise” filled my days and my heart. But yesterday I read about his favorite drink, what he named a “Handsome Johnny” after himself. And me being a good alcoholic, I can remember every word of the description. My mouth still waters at the thought of a drink like that. As Prine said, it wasn’t anything special, just ginger ale and Smirnoff Vodka. He said it had to be Red Label Vodka, not Blue, because the good stuff killed the bubbles. And it had to be Diet Ginger Ale so he didn’t get Diabetes from drinking! Ill never forget that description of the drink when I remember the man who sang about the gritty, funny, bawdy, tragic side of American life. Here’s to you, John Prine, as I lift my glass of straight Ginger Ale to you, diet, of course.


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