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By M1dnight Rambl3r 09/30/19
Dopey Podcast

DOPEY PODCAST - The Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction...


The Podcast that helps when I need help, but also the Podcast that is there when you need a good laugh at ‘dumb shit’.

This little slice of ‘Fuck Yeah’ provides tales of debauchery, recovery, guest stars and so much more. ‘Too much Junkie business...’ always come to mind with Dopey, for me, don’t ask me why but I often think about Johnny Thunders… If he had made it, he’d make for the perfect Dopey guest! It’d be a 20 Part Podcast but… Anyway, before I lose what I am writing about. This here is about a Podcast that as I will come to mention, has helped me through quite a lot. It’s also just something you should know about…

I was looking through my podcast library which were full of ‘Harmontown’ ‘ Dino & Andys Skull Juice’ ‘Jay & Silent Bob Get Old’ and I had a Harris Wittels ‘You Made it Weird’ episode which I listened to over and over again because I thought he was an amazing human and it was a tragedy, so I would listen to it to cheer me up and remind myself of how lucky I was to be out of that world. That world being, drugs. Then, I found ‘DOPEY’… Earlier episodes of Dopey were guested by the suckling and crackling of a vape which, we’d sadly come to miss. No matter how fucking annoying it was, it wasn’t that annoying I just hate vapes on a personal level. I smoke. So, not judging. I mean I was a smack head, crack head and all-round fuck head. So, how did I find this little piece of treasure? I stumbled across this Podcast when I was looking through for Recovery pods and I believe I’d also searched ‘Bob Forrest’ I downloaded a couple of episodes listened to a bit and I won’t lie, I’m not a liar (lie) I didn’t enjoy it too much I do that a lot though, I’ll start a show like ‘Sopranos’ and hate it well, hate is a strong word I just wouldn’t like it. Go back and try again and I’ve now watched that show at the very least 10 times, same goes for Breaking Bad, Community, The Office, Parks & Rec... But then, with the Podcast, I went back for more and the rest, as they say is... far from history the podcast is literally on the up and up and YOU, yes... YOU need to tune in because it’s quite simply the best ‘recovery, war story, guest starring so on so forth’ Recovery Podcast out there and Dave is absolutely killing it! *Deeeeep Breath*

So... Once Upon a Time in the far away land, America.  Who am I kidding!? Let’s get it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Chris and I met in rehab, in 2011 in Canaan Connecticut. We started the show because I do a million projects and Chris thought one would eventually catch on. I knew how great he was at telling stories and how crazy his stories were. I always wanted to do a podcast without exactly knowing what a podcast was. I just liked the idea of having a 'radio show' I was a huge fan of the Howard Stern Show and knew that Artie Lange's drug portion of the show was hysterical and fascinating. I had listened to those episodes while struggling with drug addiction and felt really kept company by them.  I thought a podcast all about war stories would be entertaining so that’s how it all started. It evolved immediately because we were both in recovery.

In the most recent episode Dave sits down and talks to Anna David, who wrote Party Girl (Not the Parker Posey film...) and he also had Anthony Bozza on. Who’s he!? Fucking read a memoir will you. Anyway, a couple before that he had Bob Forrest and Andy Dick on (Andy was very closed off and ‘sober’ not ‘sober’) which explains why he and Dino aren’t doing Skull Juice but that’s not why I’m writing. But Dave wasn’t thrown off by Andy’s’ behavior one bit, he wanted something from Andy he was absolutely nailing the interview and that is what makes Dopey and it is why I’ve come to love the show just that bit more, Dave is giving us his all and we should all give him the kudos and support he fucking deserves, he is a host in the making but where would a host like Dave belong?! He should be freelancing all over the place, he loves the ‘Howard Stern Show’ and I think that he should have his own segment, for everyone suffering with Addiction, there should be a ‘DOPEY’ segment on that show hosted by Dave at least then Howard would have me tune in… Anyway, my point is, when Dopey started it was just two friends from two different paths of life but had one thing in common. Drugs. The sound was off, the whole thing screamed early independent cinema only it was Podcasting. Now, Dave has people like Marc Maron, Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew on the show and that’s great! The only downside to this is that it IS a show about addiction and the hosts were in recovery and one day only one remained, Chris had overdosed. The relapse wasn’t a slip up and straight OD, it was a spiral, as it is most of the time and it sucked for the Dopey Nation and it most certainly, blatantly, sucked for Dave… He had lost his co-host, his friend and well, his brother. As cheesy as that sounds it must be true to an extent, you spend so much time with someone or talking to someone they become a real part of your life, I had it with a friend and it fucking hurt and I imagine many of you reading this too, have had this happen. Chris hurt his leg (Doing the dopiest Dopey story thing I have ever heard, it sucks what it led to, but it is funny – the story of how he hurt himself) he was showing his girlfriend how high he could karate kick, come on... That is Dopey, man I love that guy. Dave says, “He would say he 'hurt his ass'. I don't know if he got a prescription or what, but I do know that it began his descent. I confronted him several times about the potential relapse which he always denied. I believed him for whatever reason. It doesn't matter now. I feel some guilt, but know it was out of my hands.” Now reading this, that Dave feels guilty, makes me feel guilty and I have a lump in my throat because no matter what Dave would do, or even could do, it was out of both of their hands by then I believe.

He was getting his PsyD’. Which is a PHD in Psychology, fucking smart-ass… He had just finished the master’s portion and that is when he died;

The last episode that he was on, I couldn’t get through it and not because it was sad, well yes that was a part of it but also because he sounded fucking high, I really liked Chris he was very cool and calm and great at what he did. Soft spoken. Friendly. Welcoming and I’ll say it again because it’s so true, soft spoken. So welcoming and he was amazing for Dave they were such a good team it was often funny. Like an old married couple. But at his core, like the rest of us suffering, an addict. But from his death comes a Phoenix from the Ashes. Dopey, DOPIER! Instead of slipping into old styles, which was impending because a tragic and sudden loss is hard to deal with, and for addicts? It’s easier to avoid ‘feelings’ with chemicals. Anyway, instead of throwing the podcast off as his partner was now gone, he instead, luckily for us of the ‘Dopey Nation’ he has made the podcast so much more and so much better! And that ‘better’ is by no means a slight on what it was with Chris, not one bit. But to me, it’s like he has activated his ‘Junky Hunt’ mode by getting as many guests, as many subjects involved as possible, he’s out to cop some great subject matter and that beats going out to cop some Chinese Rocks, am I right Johnny!? Ah, he will regret asking me to do this but, he can read and edit. Recently he was to have ‘David Sheff’ who wrote that little book that’s now a film ‘Beautiful Boy’ you may have heard of it... anyway, David didn’t show... bummer, right? So, Dave as he explains it on another podcast ‘DON’T DIE’ he bumps into, my favourite ‘Manic Induced Rant Artist’ Marc Maron! and they talk, and Dave offered Marc to come on the show and kinda hinted that Marc ‘May come on he may not’. I smelt bullshit straight off the bat I knew he was coming on and I was eagerly refreshing my podcast app and when it came... fucking hell. So good. Dave has really nailed it with podcasting and he has nailed us, the Dopey Nation not ‘Dopesick Nation’, fucking VICELAND!! We will get to that part eventually I suppose what this is, is me writing to you, Dave and the Dopey nation and to whoever else can stand my ‘writing’ to spread the word ‘LISTEN TO DOPEY. SOBER? LISTEN TO DOPEY! RECOVERY? DOPEY! USING? DOPEY!’ Even for those who have a loved one with Addiction, listen to the show because it’s for everyone. Sometimes it’s very much ‘Gallows Humor’ but not much, Brits will love it! Or rather, do love it! For umpteen reasons 1. Hosts 2. Subjects 3. Guests 4. Fellow Dopey’s and 5. Help! I listen to it daily along with a couple others. If I don’t listen to it, I make up for it. No bullshit, I don’t go to NA as much as I should, so I make up for that with my little recovery network of podcasts. It’s helped me in so many ways, shit mood being lifted and shifted into better mood. Good mood made better. They don’t discriminate, nor do they hate on anyone or thing. Dave has had a few family members on, his father and his wife. The first one with his wife was great it was a truly great episode. We heard what we all hear from spouses and loved ones. We messed up, got help and given another chance. But Always and forever on thin fucking ice, right!? It was like listening to my partner, whom should have kicked my ass to the curb. She did. But, as I got better, meaning treatment and followed the path of the righteous I mean, recovery, I was welcomed back and of course there is always the worry of ‘What if…?’ but in all honesty 

Dopey have a strong and very solid fanbase who are all for Dave and the Dopey Nation and this came to light when VICE announced the very triggering, no I don’t mean “He said something that upset me!”, images of people copping and shooting up, nodding off... no, thank you. The guys presenting it, kudos for trying to help but I can’t and won’t watch for the already raised reason and the fact that our host, Dave had pitched that VERY idea a few times and it was just… swiped from under him. Mother. Fuckers. But that again, is a story in which I would fill dozens of pages in a rant of Marc Maron proportion, so I won’t go into it. No, I won’t. I will just say this… YOU DONE FUCKED UP, ‘SIRS’! 

So, we’ve covered how I came to find this treasure. How it helps me. Who they are and why they started this fantastic voyage but... where should you begin? What episode is best? BC (Before Chris’ tragic Lapse?) or AC (After Chris’ Tragic lapse?) it’s up to you, as I said I was looking for recovery podcasts and Bob Forrest, also I saw an episode I got really excited about but was sorely disappointed with the outcome. Won’t say the episode just to mess with Dave, sorry dude!

So, lately, it’s become a powerhouse of podcasts and I’m so happy I discovered it when I did, it’s helped me in so many ways I can’t begin to explain but what I can say and explain that typing this up, having the privilege to do so is in itself an amazing feeling and I hope to Christ that I do alright. I’m currently, as I type, 854 days clean (but, it’s always there and it always will be you know, that nag that itch and voice! But Dopey is my voice of reason, hell, could be my higher power! Knowing that there are people suffering just like me and that makes those shitty days better! Not that people are suffering, just knowing that I’m not alone and it gets easier sure but, ah I’m wrapping this up.  It’s also a great show because Dave will interact with you, message you, he will make you feel like you’ve known him your whole life, I love this! Because he’s baring his soul, his deepest darkest secrets and he is you. He gives us the chance to do the same by sending in voicemails, emails he doesn’t see himself as a ‘High and Mighty’ he’s the average Joe like us! But, to me, he’s a hero for keeping the show going because well, the show must go on! We, addicts, all share one thing in common. We are Dopey. I once read, early in recovery, that ‘Junkies’ share one thing in common (apologies for overuse of this word - Common) and you could be in different parts of the world, different lives, different people but wanting the same thing/s ‘one more hit’ or ‘to get help’ and we all share the same suffering, pain, high, low... it’s like that with Dopey Nation. We are all different people, yet all the same animal. We are wanting to get help, some are in active addiction and trying, but it doesn’t matter because ‘We. Are. Dopey.’ I think I’ve covered the podcast and its effect and help for now but, as we no longer hear it in that voice... I want you to close your eyes and remember Chris’s voice...

(after a toke from a vape) 



So, to wrap this up properly as it was just a rambling about a podcast that I love and is also loved by countless others in and out of addiction, hopefully the latter. It is a show that doesn’t just denounce addiction ‘You clean? You can’t listen or send a voicemail if not!’ it is a very welcoming show and it has helped people! I see posts on the Facebook Group where someone says what they are suffering or struggling with and the comment section will fill in minutes with ‘DM ME!’ or straight up advice there in the comments. Dave, and Chris, have really started a movement and I am very happy to be a part of this movement, it isn’t a cult, saying ‘movement’ makes it sound… Culty which, it really isn’t. it’s just… Oh go listen already! It’s amazing!'Stay Strong, Dopey Nation!

Once again,




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