Dopey & Pink Cloud Partnership

By Donnyj08 09/10/20
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This July, Dopey, the podcast about drugs, addiction and dumb shit added Pink Cloud to its roster of sponsors. The popular meeting app helps users find 12 step meetings in their area as well as provides a list of other tools to help addicts/alcoholics in their recovery. Dopey, which has become increasingly more recovery-centric over the years believes that Pink Cloud is a great fit on the show. “I’m excited to be working with a company who is passionate about making working a program easier for addicts.” Dave said about the recent partnership.

When asked about teaming up with Dopey, Jason had this to say, “We appreciated Dopey’s desire to serve the same people we serve.  Beyond their desire to serve, we admired and respected their results and how they got those results for Dopey Nation - especially with keeping things fun in recovery.  Lastly, we’re pretty nerdy, and Dopey is pretty cool, so we hoped they’d rub off on us.”

Like Dopey, Pink Cloud was launched in 2016 by a person in recovery. Whereas Dave started Dopey with 4 months sober, Jason Varughese had only 3 days. Inspiration for Pink Cloud came to Jason, while at a meeting in February of 2015. Before the meeting began, a member told him he’d heard he was a computer guy and suggested he might like downloading an app to track his time. Jason said he didn’t know what time meant and the member explained by the end of the day, he’d have 3 days.   After looking up app options, Jason wondered why there wasn’t an app to find meetings.  He did research and realized all that existed were primarily intergroup websites that were outdated and difficult to navigate.  Jason took it to heart that nobody had tried making a nice meeting finder app and put his background in computer programming to work.

Five years later, the Pink Cloud app has over 245,000 anonymous meetings for users to choose from, leaving no one with the excuse “I couldn’t find a meeting.” The 12 step meetings available include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, Al-Anon & Al-Ateen. It’s all completely anonymous, there are no profiles, logins, or usernames. The app isn’t connected to social media and under no circumstance is any data collected from users.

In addition, the app now has a growing set of tools available for users. This sober toolbox includes, the ability to bookmark and track meeting attendance, watch for resentments, take inventory, create prayers, and keep a journal.

When COVID hit, Pink Cloud began adding virtual, Zoom meetings, knowing how necessary it is for those in recovery to have access to meetings despite not being able to physically attend.  “Our primary goal is to keep up our response to COVID-19.  We’ve added access to over 22,000 Online meetings since mid March.  We think continuing to update and add Online meetings is the best way we can serve people in the short term.  Later in the year, we hope to add a Gifting feature so people can help other people with subscriptions.”

Dopey has also gone virtual. “Dopey Zoom” meetings have started popping up and there is now one available for each day of the week. Virtual meetings have been a lifeline for addicts and alcoholics everywhere during the pandemic, as alcohol sales and drug use has soared.

Look for new Dopey episodes every Friday wherever you get your podcasts and now on Tuesdays on Dopey Also be sure to download the Pink Cloud app on the Apple store or Google play store today.


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