Desperately Seeking Susan

By susanpeabody 01/20/20

The title of this blog article comes from an old movie, but it really describes my recovery journey. After I got sober in 1982.  I worked the steps and dedicated myself to helping others. This turned out to be how I found Susan. She got lost when when she started drinking and now she has been  found. It turned out she was meant to be a teacher and writer. Both were childhood dreams.

You can find my story of drinking and love addiction on one of my first blogs. Since my recovery took hold,  I have managed to write four self-help books all based on my own recovery: Addiction to Love; The Art of Changing; Workbook for Love Addicts and Love Avoidants; and Where Love Abides.

Why do I write about recovery? I write because I love to teach. I only wish the woman I am today could reach back in time and teach the young woman I was. I would try to help her see what is so clear to me now. That change is important. That there is nothing to be afraid of. That dreams come true if we change: That it is never too late to change, and the sooner we get started, the easier it is to adjust to the changes we make. Most of all, that we are not alone as we make these changes. There are what Joseph Campbell calls “invisible hands,” which come to our aid when we are ready to change.

Susan Peabody

This blog article will serve as my bio for The Fix. I want you to know that if I can change,  you can. Get to work. Find yourself.  Blossom. Help others follow in your footsteps. Leave a mark on this world. Love youself. Love God. 


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