Denial, not just a river in Egypt anymore

By jrweaver 08/26/19

The many faces of Denial.  One of the hardest truths we face is admitting we don’t have control over our actions.  Case in point, if you’re drinking everyday, drugging everyday and still think you’re in control then your lying to yourself.  If you can lie to yourself then lying to friends & family is easy.  We try to justify our actions by saying we had a bad day, or a good day, or we deserve a few drinks.  Or maybe we white knuckled a few days without using so we tell ourselves we can stop using anytime we want, right? Wrong answer.  Our addictive mindset wants us to believe that we are in control, therefore we continue to use despite our life slowing spinning out of control.  I believed I was in control, I believed that as long as others were worse off than me then I wasn’t a real addict.  I was lying to myself, I know that now.  Waking up each day ready to accept life on life’s terms, it may sound difficult but it’s really just a mindset.  I wake up happy that I don’t need a drink or a hit to start my day, I wake up ready to live another day.  I find enough ‘joy’ in each day to make me happy, to make me smile and always always make me laugh.  That my friends is priceless.


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