Chrismiss in July

By Donnyj08 08/17/20
Dopey Podcast, Addiction, Recovery

By DJ Rentz


Dopey, the podcast about drugs, addiction and dumb shit celebrated “Dopey Day” or “Chrismiss in July” on July 24th, which marked 2 years since Chris (the co-creator of Dopey) overdosed and died. Dopey listeners remember Chris as the sweet and affable co-host of the first 143 episodes of Dopey. The podcast based on “The last wrong thing, rather than the next right thing” centered around drug stories which Chris was the undisputed king. A great way to hear the story of Dopey is to listen to the popular NPR series “This American Life” that featured Dopey



Tragically, on July 24th, 2018 Chris died of an overdose. Almost 5 years sober, an injury led him back out and his autopsy showed fentanyl, cocaine, Xanax and alcohol. Chris had been thriving in every aspect of his life. He had a girlfriend, was active in AA and was attending school to be a psychologist. Shockwaves went out thru the Dopey Nation as listenership nearly doubled as people wanted to find out what had happened to Chris.

July 24th 2020 marked two years since Chris’s death. As a tribute to Chris and as a sign of solidarity for addicts everywhere fighting to stay clean, people were asked to put the “Dopey” logo over their eyes on social media. The response was unbelieveable and the outpouring of love was overwhelming as over 400,000 people from all over the glove participated. The photo below is a mosaic that was created using all the individual photos of people’s “dopeyed” pictures.

Dave had Chris’s mom, dad and sister on the show (episode 249) to discuss Chris’s life and death ( was one of a kind. His bright spirit and extensive experience with addiction and recovery made him an ideal host for a podcast like Dopey, and he was. We all miss Chris and wish he was still here with us. I believe we can take solace in the fact that Chris’s legacy lives on thru Dopey and events like Dopey Day. New Dopey episodes are released every Tuesday on and Friday on whichever platform you use to listen to podcasts. Stay Strong Dopey Nation!


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