Being Spiritually Hot

By nlcarr5 10/20/17

I was at a meeting recently and someone shared about his spirituality and how we should treat that like our bodies; meaning that when we are at the gym, or running or doing yoga, we all want to be smoking hot for the summer and have rockin’ bodies! We want to feel our best, as well as wanting to be connected in our spiritual life. He made a joke saying that no one goes around and says, “Wow look at him he’s so spiritually hot”. When you see someone that does have that spiritual glow and aura, what does that look like? We often take folks for face value and judge before we even say Hi to them. I am so guilty of that myself and this is one of those defects that I am working on. But it begs the question what do we do for our soul and our spirituality? What does that look like? How do you know if others are spiritually hot?

I trust people fairly easily because I want to believe that most people are love and light and honest and true. However, not everyone is well; it’s not called “Well People’s Anonymous”. So I listen to my inner voice and I trust my gut. I have numerous friends, in and outside, of AA and I love those relationships and I am grateful for each of them. However, do I really know them and are they spiritually well? I’d say there are about 6 women in my life that I really know and trust 100%, and that alone is a gift. I can sense when someone is on a spiritual path in the way they treat themselves and the way they treat others. I get to see them being of service and doing the kind deed that no one else can see, I am witness to the fact of them helping a stranger or a newcomer and when I look in their eyes I know they are a form of god’s love and creation; they are inherently good. What a gift.

So this makes me ask myself, am I spiritually hot? I do good deeds, I am of service, I pray, I meditate, and I am loving and kind to others - when I want to be. I’m not perfect or even close to it and some days are good days and some are spiritual growth days. I get to wake up each day and say Ok God, you’ve got this and I’m going to give you my day. This usually lasts for an hour or so until I try to manage something that I feel I have control over, only to find myself befuddled and annoyed. Happily I can turn that shit over and keep forging on and try to be that spiritually hot chick I know I can be. Being spiritually hot for me is an attitude, it’s part of my daily life in treating myself with love and kindness and then shining that onto someone else; which happens about 50% of the time. The rest of the time is me working on myself and learning from my mistakes. Because in that learning is where my true growth comes in. There is a saying “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. I’m glad that today I know I’m a little cracked and the light comes in so much easier now than it used to and I get to strive to be spiritually hot.