The Art of Walking on Water

By UnassumingName 09/04/18






There is a lack of logical thinking and ethics in the system and the laws that support the system,  that justify not helping a person in need because of what is perceived as a person's "freedom".

I heard, "We can't take his freedom and drive him to the hospital.  It is not illegal to be sick. . ."

It is wrong, it is wrong, it is wrong

W  R  O  N  G 



At what point is a person lost and alone in these so called freedoms?!!


There are stupid questions and statements, like:

Does he want treatment? 

It won't work unless he wants to be clean.


A person in full blown amphetamine psychosis and paranoia is not in sound mind!  He is not free! One the contrary!  Perception of "freedom" in such a state must be logical and ethical.

The Good Samaritan doesn't need to ask sideliners if the man beaten on the side of the road wants help now, does he? 

What is "freedom" to a person suffering from an overdose of Meth?


Somethingelse, I need you!

I am not a "movement", I am not a part of a movement!

I am a person and I know what is needed

I have said it over and over again.




Do you think I've not asked?!!

Where are "God's Promises"?

Surely not in the hands of those who think I don't have enough faith!  

I need a heart!  I am heart . . .  It's not up for sale.  What is it to have heart?  It means the first concern is NOT the amount of money that can or can not be provided and NOT what insurance company is accepted or not!!

It's possible to lose heart.  I am started to see how many, many have lost heart.  Maybe I can't expect anything from such a clan.

I hear and see sideliners saying their heartless, memorized, anonymous serenity prayer believing they can't change the systems they find themselves serving.  If they hear my outcry, it's interpreted as a problem that will not surrender to a "higher power".  In an effort not to repeat something expecting different results, I am ignored.   I interpret such an act of non-action as insanity.  That kind of thinking  only protects the illogical premise of the program itself, thus it reveals the total lack of love and outreach without ''IF YOU..." conditions. 

"Come, let us reason together"

A mountain of creatives shelved The Reason of Creative, sadly believing that outside the box thinking for the sake of another is problematic, or a trigger?  

I see so many people justifying a give to get message!  The "message" is interpreted with the rhetorical question: Why give anything away without expecting something in return?  And declarations of the message:  In order to keep it, you have to give it...  And, "Take what you want and leave the rest."   What does this say about The Teacher?  Trusting who, why?

What happened to you friends?  How did my creative family fall into such a pit trying?  Trying to get high -- trying to move up?   What happened, did ya'll trade Creative Heart for an O photo op, the selling of copyrights, a book or movie deal?  And why?  Magazine articles for you mother's scrap book?   Proof?  Proof you really are a person with talent?   Spot-life proof you really are an artist?     Can you hear me?   I am trying to help you understand. 

For Heart's sake...

I fear you're too proud.  George really did believe that actors were the most humble people in the world.  He said it even knowing the face to face sorrow of another land.   Brad really did believe he was cool wearing shades and saying he was "in the zone".  Worse, when the actor acts like he knows or he acts he is really cool.

What have you become as "the best the world has to offer?"  A waste of time for the legless masses who sit on their "comfortably numb" bottoms and state of mind?  What is their reward?  A side bet for best picture?  What is your reward? Knowing your audience and the weight of your creative footprint? 


IF?  IF heaven exists..... Consider the questions from the Actor's Studio? 

What do you want to hear G-d to say to you?

Who's the Author of Real Life IF . . .

 The energy that is required to sustain the world of make-believe is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands who buy a movie ticket outside-the-box office.  Real Life reveals those who exercise their freedom to sit in a dark room and surround themselves with strangers staring at pictures of people pretending to be real life.   Their brains are completely occupied, feeling, if only for a moment, they belong.  But don't be deceived, creatives.  True Friend is not pretend, nor does he need to defend his pretending.  True Friend is in Real Life.  

Real Life does not need a money making formula, nor does He need the Best Actor award to ensure a platform to preach.  Real Life, True Friend.  

I have compassion for him.  I have compassion on who I have compassion... I HAD compassion for the rich and the artists... most didn't see or care about me.  I heard something like 'we deserve it'  that's what they heard when I had compassion of them.  Sad.  I did not have compassion because it was deserved!

You had no idea what you were looking for and what you had lost.  I think you thought I was writing another script -- that I was gifting spring boards for new ideas and all you had to do was fund it and make it?


I said Friend, and I said there is Order to Life

I was and I am narrating real life in real time....  I have waited and hoped for Friend.  I have asked.  I am reminded "You don't have because you don't ask..."  I have asked.  I asked to give.

Why?  Because of where I found him.  He had been beaten down in spirit and was wandering on the side of the road.  It was dark.  He was hungry and thirsty.   A woman met him outside and said, "How long has it been since you slept?"  He said five days....  He was told that if he wanted to be free, he can come inside the church, but if not, then he could walk away.  He walked inside the church.  The people there, compassionate, fed him and then they lead him to the "deliverance room".  There, they circled around him -- and stood behind him -- and started "talking to the demons" that they said were in him.   They said they closed the door and he was told to close his eyes.

They spoke in "tongues"  and he felt ignored and left out,  as if they had a code language and he was not invited to know or understand.     They said, "Judgement starts in the house of G-d"  They said they were part of G-d's house...

Accountable?  Who's accountable to who? 

Who judges who?  Surely not those in need of "freedom" from getting high, right?   Who does not "get high" from a person perceived as "less than"?  The one without a place prepared may in fact be represented by the many who, like actors, pretend!  "They" are . . . one.  The WHOLE system. 

When they circled around him, talking to the "demons" (in English)  He told me he was afraid, he said, "They tried to kill me!" 

Logical?  I think so. . . 

I said, "You're fighting for your life. I am sure it felt that way."


So, to all you who identify with working within the recovery movement.  I am writing to you!  To all those who are in a system dependent on funding, tongues and medical codes, and a job needing just one person in need to justify a name and a place for yourselves, I am talking to you.  I am writing to those on the street -- the city beat, and those who are fearful of "taking away the freedom" of a person who is troubled and in need. 

Who do you serve and why? 

Who holds your heart accountable?  

You all look like you're getting high from the one who is beaten on the side of the road!   Did anyone know the name of the "Good Samaritan" and do you think he was concerned about the insurance company or the funding he'd need to care for the man? 

Your coded language (between insurance company and your treatment) and your fear of legal liability seems to be growing a population of people who wander by maintaining your professional distance.  

Additionally, your languages are  very similar to standing around and behind a person, talking to demons and talking in tongues.  Your "church" is all to willing to invite the troubled into your centers, but these strangers will not be seen as Friend unless they speak your language and identify with your inner circles?  That would be the root of the system, would it not?  One person without money and in need of help is in fact a threat to the pretending -- the lovers of money! 

If there is no funding, no help for who?!!

I need genuine 


Any foundation that begins without a Chief Cornerstone needs "less than" to be "more than" and welcomes "partnerships" in the name of love that will close their eyes to Life outside their own table setting leaving the stranger behind.  Numb, cold, selfish, legalistic, illogical, unethical. . .  justified?

There is Order to Life.


I need help from True Friend....

Is that too much to ask? 

I say no.



Is One person's "story" not movie worthy?!!

I say yes, and I am glad.

The Best the world was given!



That no one perish . . .



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