April 20th

By Travon1988 04/24/19
Art by Travon

It is April 20th. The Easter weekend and other celebrations are here in Los Angeles. However, all I can think about is my boy and tough love. You gotta be kidding me. My Son did not die from "misinformation."

The evening is brisk and the sun is going down. Families are at the 99 Cent Only store buying whatever is left from the pickings for Easter Sunday tomorrow.  My Son, Travon, is all I have on my mind.  I am not an expert but if I can just give a little bit of my experience. When it comes to life, I do not believe tough love has ever solved any of my problems or issues. Of course, every situation is different. Maybe it has in your case. In my life, it has not.

So, on this evening of April 20th, I sit and think of Travon. Please, please if you have a loved one suffering through this horrible disease of substance abuse, stop and think and breathe and research and maybe even pray! But tough love is not the answer. In my life, it never has been.


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