The Addiction Manifesto

By jrweaver 09/06/19

Know Thy Limits. In recovery we often face many unexpected challenges, life isn’t scripted and neither is our recovery. We know what’s working to help us maintain our sobriety, and hopefully in process we have learned a few things about ourselves and what doesn’t work. How can we deal with these unexpected bumps in the road? S-L-O-W-L-Y. Don’t treat the unexpected like it was expected. What do I mean? Mindfulness teaches us to ‘live in the moment’ and absorb what’s in front of us. We learn to analyze the best case scenarios and then react, we don’t hit ‘autopilot’ - we don’t just ‘react.’ Learn to slow down your mind and reactions to filter thru what’s happening in front of you. Always remember that ‘one drink, one hit we won’t quit.’ That’s a fact, learning when to walk away from a bad situation is just as important to knowing when to stand your ground.

Fear? It’s what’s for breakfast!! Bring it, all of it, the fear, the anger, the pain, gimme that misery too!! I have no fear of my demons anymore, I’m free from the chains that bound me and tried to destroy me. Fear is the dream killer, the life crusher and the soul snatcher. If we continue to live in fear then we miss the beauty of life THATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. I choose to be ‘done’ with the darkness, i make that choice everyday. And I hope it shows in my attitude towards this new life. This amazingly beautiful life. I remember the dark days clearly, they are part of me, but I also remember the reasons I decided to change. Don’t ever forget the madness that consumed you, use it to power you to going that extra mile because the race isn’t over yet, we still have ‘one more lap’ to go

Pick your battles wisely my friends and good luck finding the real you on your own special journey.

JR Weaver

Author of The Addiction Manifesto 


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