The Addiction Endgame

By jrweaver 01/26/20

The Addiction Endgame? It isn’t what it may lead you to believe, it isn’t love, it definitely isn’t happiness.  Success? Only if you call jails or death a success.  Family?  Not on drugs. God?  Not on drugs.  So what is addictions Endgame?  Destruction, chaos, sadness and ultimately a death that will leave the people that loved you heartbroken and crushed.  Addiction doesn’t play games, it always has that ulterior motive, it will lead you slowly down the path from recreational user to full blown user.  It may take weeks or it may take months or years, don’t worry our addiction has a customized plan designed just for you.  It will kill you and not shed a single tear.  We can’t control our addiction, if you think you’re the one person in the history of addicts that can control it?  You better check yourself because that’s your addiction playing you like it has played so many before you, including me.  I broke the chains of addiction, I got my life back.  200 a day, thats our fatal overdose rate, and it’ll get worse before it gets better.  If you’re waiting on the government to step in and miraculously save us then your in for a rude awakening, the only way to stop the madness is for people like you (and me) to change the game, stand up for Recovery, stand up to save yourself, stand up to save your kids, your grandkids. Alone I am just a guy ranting like a madman about the end of the world as we know it, but together we become a army for change, we become Recovery Warriors, we become the Knights Recovery (stole that idea from knights templar)


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