12 Companies That Hire Felons in 2019

By David Junior 02/25/19
Felony Friendly Jobs

You have a felony record. While this may make finding employment more difficult, it is possible. When it comes to finding a job as an ex-convict, you are going to pass through a lot of challenges. Most of the employers of labor today are interested in doing background checks on those they want to hire. Background checks usually divulge criminal background of an applicant, if any. For the record, most company will at any day prefer an applicant with clean record over a one with a questionable past. However, there is light at the end of tunnel. There are actually some firms which are flexible to recruiting ex-felons, despite their dark background. And many of these companies/employers are some of the biggest names in the international business space.

The article below offers a brief on the companies that are ready to work with felons.

Top Best Companies That Hire Felons

1. ExxonMobil

The oil sector too extends various job opportunities for felons and ExxonMobil is one of the topmost employers here. The company usually finds it difficult to procure labor for the physically demanding offshore rig jobs and hence is open to willing felons. Apart from offshore rigs jobs, you can also find employment in various office-based jobs offered by the company in the IT, finance & commercial departments. ExxonMobil even offers apprenticeship & internship opportunities for willing candidates.

2. Apple

Apple had already sparked criticism for its discriminatory attitude against felons in the workforce before. But at present, the tech giant has officially declared to remove any such reservations against their employees. Put simply, now you can secure a job at Apple, despite your criminal record, provide you are eligible for the position. You can choose from a wide range of job roles here, ranging from in-store sales, support sales, corporate roles. Besides, you can apply for Apple-specific internships to upgrade your career further.

3. British Airways

It’s true that a lot of airlines demand high end security clearance from their job applicants but there are still some leading airways that are actually felon-friendly . One among the most prominent names here is British Airways. The company extends great job opportunities for eligible candidates in call-center outlets and corporate offices. You can also join as a cabin crew here, despite your background.

4. IBM

IBM id another tech honcho that is open to hiring felons in the workforce. The company operates across 170+ countries and offers great job opportunities in various locations around the world. If you come from a technical background and are willing to work in hardware engineering & IT, you have a good future in IBM.

5. Sony

The Nippon electronics conglomerate operates with factories and office all across the world and offers an extensive scope of job opportunities. Sony is completely felon friendly and is more concerned about the experience, skills and qualification of the job seeker. If you suit their criteria, you will be able to bag a role in Sony offices easily. The electronics giant is bustling with different job positions like mobile developer, game designer, music composer, film composer and so on.

6. Enterprise

With more than 7,200 locations across 30+ countries, Enterprise is one among the fast rising firms in the global business scene today. And, the good news is the company does not hold reservations against felons. The company is extremely particular about excellent customer care and support. So, if you are confident of your inter-personal skills, you can apply for the role of a customer care representative here.

Make sure to work harder and stay honest to leverage your opportunities in the job market.

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