12 Alternative Steps

By susanpeabody 12/25/19
stepping stones 400_0.jpg


These alternate steps are for people who, for one reason or the other, don't fit in the traditional 12-Step program. I want to offer people a new approach if they have tried others treatments models and found them less than useful.

The steps of Alcoholics Anonymous were written by Bill Wilson to deflate the ego of the alcoholic. But many people need to inflate their ego a bit, at least the part of the ego we call self-esteem.

Others have a hard time with the God concept of the original twelve steps. I have written these new steps for such people. It can be seen as an beginning and end to your recovery experience,  or as a stepping stone to the original, spiritually based, steps introduced by AA.

These steps are not just for addicts. They are for all people who want to CHANGE. Self-actualization is the goal here whether you are an addict or not.


Alternative Steps . . .


1.  We admitted we needed help to change and we sought it out.

2.  We came to believe that we can change. 

3  We prepared ourselves for a spiritual shift in consciousness.

4. We listed our stumbling blocks with suggestions for overcoming them.

5.  We shared with at least one human being the story of our road to recovery.

6.  Expectations become wishes that we can surrender at will.

7. We opened ourselves up to new ideas and we implemented them.

8. We began to change how we think, feel, and act.

9. We made a list of people whom we had harmed and made material or "living" amends.

10. We continued our journey in recovery by diligently working these steps.

11. We find a balance between helping ourselves and helping others'

12  We forever adopt an attitude of positive thinking,  and  having raised our self-esteem, we help others to reach their full potential



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