Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter Arrested for Drunk Driving

By Keri Blakinger 03/15/17

Montana Fishburne was arrested when an officer reportedly found an open bottle of wine in her car after an accident.

Montana and Laurence Fishburne
Montana and Laurence Fishburne Photo via YouTube

Actor Laurence Fishburne’s daughter was arrested for drunk driving after a Saturday morning car crash in Florida, according to the Miami Herald.

Montana Fishburne was headed down I-95 near the Oakland Park Boulevard exit in Fort Lauderdale after 1am when her Toyota Corolla plowed into a Range Rover that had slowed down to avoid hitting debris on the road from another wreck. 

The Matrix actor’s daughter was not injured in the crash, but her car was significantly damaged. 

The 25-year-old ended up in cuffs after a responding Florida Highway Patrol trooper detected the smell of alcohol. 

“I noticed an open bottle of wine on the ... floor, and the two front seats were splashed with a purple liquid with a strong odor of alcohol,” the trooper noted in a report obtained by the Miami paper. 

“Subject was moving around constantly and was making incoherent statements such as her driver’s license being different if I was to arrest her,” the report continued. “As I was talking to the subject I could smell a strong odor of an unknown alcohol beverage coming from the subject’s mouth area and mild slurred speech.”

After failing a field sobriety test, Fishburne reportedly squatted to urinate on the side of the road. She later blew a .177 and .181 on a breathalyzer at the stationhouse, police allege. 

Fishburne was charged with drunk driving, DUI with property damage, and DUI with a blood alcohol .15 or higher, according to People. She was jailed in Broward County and released the following day on a $2,500 bond.

This isn’t the first time Fishburne has been tangled up in legal trouble. In 2009, she was reportedly arrested on prostitution charges, according to the Herald. A year later, she was collared for battery and false imprisonment after she allegedly beat her boyfriend’s ex in a bathroom. That same year, she made headlines for an adult film debut that hurt her relationship with her famous father. 

“He told me he was embarrassed by me. My mom just says, 'I love you.' We don't talk about it every day. She wants me to be happy and doesn't want me to get dragged into the dark side of porn,” she told Hollywood Reporter the following year. 

Montana Fishburne is the daughter of the Hannibal actor and A Rage In Harlem actress Hajna O. Moss. 

Laurence Fishburne did not immediately respond to The Fix’s request for comment Tuesday.

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