Kurt Angle Celebrates Sober Milestone

By Desiree Bowie 08/08/17

The Olympian announced his sober anniversary on Instagram over the weekend. 

Kurt Angle

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Kurt Angle is celebrating a sober milestone and took to Instagram to announce it to his fans. 

On Sunday evening, the Olympic gold medalist posted a cheeky black and white meme of Mickey Mouse flipping the bird that said, "To all the people who said I couldn't stay sober this long..."

Alongside the meme, Angle wrote a few words to commemorate his sober anniversary. “Yesterday was my 4th year anniversary of remaining sober. I’m very humbled by my progress and support. Had to post this, because there’s very little humor in recovery.” Angle continued, “So I’m going to enjoy this. Hope you all do too! “Here’s to 4 years bitches!!!!” #stayingsober #doingitformyfamily #itstrue.”

The 48-year-old has been vocal about his addiction and subsequent recovery from painkiller addiction. After undergoing a surgical procedure for a neck injury, Angle developed a massive painkiller addiction that at one point had him ingesting 65 painkillers a day. Alongside the painkiller addiction, Angle was also battling alcohol use disorder. He racked up four DUIs over a six-year period. 

In August of 2013, Angle reached his breaking point after being arrested for his fourth DUI in Wise County, Texas. He decided to enter rehab and has been sober since. 

Since entering recovery, Angle has returned to the WWE as a general manager and has even launched an app and website to help people in recovery.

Back in May, Angle exclusively spoke to The Fix  about his AngleStrong initiative. 

"I’m traveling all the time for work and I’m a husband and father to five kids, so I just don’t have time for AA meetings," he said. "I could go to a counselor or a psychiatrist, but that’s pricey and still just one day a week. Where was I going to get this structure now?"

Angle then decided to create a space that would give people in recovery a sense of accountability and structure. The site and app, AngleStrong, offers users support, structure, positive affirmations, goals and reminders. It's an all-in-one destination for organizing and prioritizing all the aspects of recovery.

Angle stressed how important it was for his sobriety for him to maintain a conversation about addiction.

"What keeps me clean is talking about my addiction. I do it daily, whether it’s in the form of talking to a group, an interview or a video chat. And at the same time, I’m giving back."

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