Katy Perry Talks Treating Anxiety With Meditation

By David Konow 05/01/18

"I noticed before I was meditating, I started to short circuit. I had to take care of my mental health... I knew I had to protect it.”

Katy Perry

At a health conference at Vatican City, Katy Perry spoke about how she combats her anxiety with meditation, not medication.

The pop star was one of many speakers who attended the Fourth International Vatican Conference. As the event’s official website explains, it brought together “the world’s leading scientists and physicians, patients, ethicists and leaders of faith, government officials and philanthropists to engage in powerful conversations about the latest scientific breakthroughs and hope for the future.”

As Newsweek reports, Perry told the audience that through transcendental meditation, or TM, she feels less stressed.

“It has helped a lot with my anxiety,” The American Idol judge said. “Instead of having to turn to prescription [drugs] I’ve been able to turn to this. It helps incredibly with jet lag, we did it this morning at 7 o’clock.”

Perry went on to explain that she “always had a lot on my plate and I noticed before I was meditating I started to short circuit. I knew that I had to take care of my mental health and my mind, which is the greatest asset in my body besides my heart. I knew I had to protect it.”

Previously, Perry confessed she used to take beta-blockers, an anti-anxiety medication, before she would perform onstage, but once she started practicing TM, she remarked that “the stillness that I’ve found is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s way different than napping... Napping is to brushing your teeth as flossing is to meditation. A lot of people brush their teeth but still have very interesting breath. You gotta get the plaque out.”

Last year, Perry did a live therapy broadcast with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh where she nakedly confessed many of her troubles. She now feels that meditating is a way of getting in touch with what she calls her “true authentic self… finding that stillness, recharging, having the strength, the mental strength, the physical strength, the immune strength to be able to take on this big technological world.”

Perry’s TM teacher, Bob Roth, was also on the panel with her. Roth is the CEO of the non-profit David Lynch Foundation. (Lynch, the acclaimed director of Blue Velvet, has practiced TM for many years.) 

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