Kanye West's Hospitalization Sparks Mental Health Conversation

By Victoria Kim 11/29/16

The controversial rap icon was reportedly hospitalized for temporary psychosis last week. 

Kanye West's Hospitalization Sparks Mental Health Conversation

Kanye West was hospitalized just hours after he canceled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour last Monday (Nov. 21). The influential rapper and fashion designer reportedly suffered from temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and dehydration, according to TMZ

West has apparently been dealing with paranoia and depression for a while now, anonymous sources told TMZ. He was expected to be released from UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday after the holiday weekend, but apparently was not yet stable enough to check out

The artist has built somewhat of a reputation for his erratic behavior over the years, which has been the target of much ridicule and parody. But a source close to him told People magazine that “this time is much different.” Before, his seemingly arrogant behavior was “just Kanye being Kanye,” but after his wife and reality TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October, West hasn’t been the same. 

“The roles have been reversed. Kanye has had to stay strong to support Kim, and it’s like he can’t handle it anymore,” the source told People.

At a recent show in Sacramento, rapper Lupe Fiasco addressed Kanye’s hospitalization and the pressures of being a performer. “Go through history, look at the people that’s been in this business, gave their heart and soul to this business, the things that they lost, and things that they go through so just have patience,” he told his audience. “Don’t let it turn into anger, don’t let it turn into cynicism, if you appreciate the work that the brother put in for you, and he supported you and helped you out from a distance with his music, just hold on to that moment.”

In light of Kanye’s recent issues, an old video clip from a 2005 Dave Chappelle interview has been circulating the Internet. Earlier that year, the comedian had abruptly left his sketch comedy show Chappelle’s Show and went to South Africa for a brief respite. Rumors circulated that Chappelle had lost it—having walked away from the show’s enormous success and a $50 million contract. But Chappelle said he wasn’t happy with the direction the show was going in, and decided to end it there.

In the interview clip from Inside the Actors Studio, he talked about his Blue Streak co-star Martin Lawrence's breakdown in 1996, when the actor was found wandering Los Angeles with a loaded gun and "acting like a madman." Chappelle suggested that there's more to a person's struggles than meets the eye.

“The worst thing to call somebody is ‘crazy,’” he told host James Lipton. “It’s dismissive. ‘I don’t understand this person, so they’re crazy.’ That’s bullshit. Because people are not crazy. They’re strong people. Maybe the environment is a little sick.”

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