Jaywalker Lodge

By The Fix staff 06/03/19

At the heart of Jaywalker Lodge lies the idea that treatment will not just fix someone and send him on his way. Instead, it will help him figure out what his triggers are and how to deal with them.

Jaywalker Lodge
Location : 811 Main Court Carbondale, CO 81623
Phone : (866) 529-9255
Price : $63,050 (97 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Rehab isn’t always a one and done event in the life of an addict, so for men who have repeatedly tried to get sober and can’t seem to stick with it, Jaywalker Lodge just might be the place. With dual tracks of the beautiful mountain scenery of Carbondale, Colorado and volunteering along with intense 12-step and introspective work, an individual can really take a good shot at staying sober for life at this multi-step residential program.

At the heart of this rehab lies the idea that treatment will not just fix someone and send him on his way. Instead, it will help him figure out what his triggers are and how to deal with them, in order to get out there to start functioning in the world, this time sober and staying that way, grounded in the First Step of AA.

Facility and Meals

The facility is actually three different large houses, although all the bedrooms are comfortable, with flatscreen TVs, leather furniture, a hot tub, and amazing views of the mountains.

As far as food goes, clients are responsible for making their own breakfast and lunch, but dinner is a big deal at Jaywalker Lodge and a sit down dinner is served every weeknight by an on-site chef, a former Executive Chef of the Ritz Carlton. Clients take turns on the weekends and Sunday night is take out night.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Jaywalker Lodge was founded by Bob Ferguson, a man who attended many rehabilitation facilities before finally getting clean. He believes in the Ghandi quote “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others,” which is why Jaywalker stresses volunteerism.

The clinical staff of 16 come from all over the map and a lot of them are recovering themselves so they know of what they speak. The minimum stay is 97 days and can reach to over 120 days.

Each client starts at The Landing, where they stay for three to 21 days. They arrive sober, because Jaywalker Lodge does not offer detox, then they work on getting into the swing of things. This includes going to AA/NA meetings, chores and recreational activities, along with individual and group counseling.

Once the client has gotten himself on track, he moves to The Lodge, which is the meaty part of the program at Jaywalker Lodge. Here is where the client starts his day with a check-in, then yoga, meditation and chores. From there, the schedule is usually breakfast, followed by a community meeting, therapy and lunch. The afternoon is usually filled with individualized therapy, a mountain/outside based activity, and some free time to watch TV, call family members, work on assignments or just hang out. After dinner, residents are transported to an off-site 12-step meeting, which Jaywalker requires clients to attend four times a week. The town offers at least 10 different kinds of peer support meetings.

While living at The Lodge, volunteerism at numerous places around the area is required and stressed upon as well. These places include, but are not limited to: Habitat for Humanity, Colorado Animal Rescue, Aspen Homeless Shelter and Volunteer Outdoor Colorado.

The next step is Solutions, which is a Stage Two Sober Living Facility. There are two tracks for the clients to take: work or school. The client works on getting back into the workforce with a part time job or part time classes and also keeps attending meetings and volunteering. It’s a sort of a training wheels way of dipping their toe back into the world without the blanket of addiction. The support from the counselors and peer group helps the client keep it together.

Besides Big Book Study, Jaywalker emphasizes “relapse protection” where the treatment team drills down to see not only what triggers someone but also how they can catch it and deal with it before it drives them to break their sobriety. Also, dual diagnoses and mental health issues are supported at Jaywalker Lodge—they take a hands on approach through the 12 steps.

Jaywalker also offers an outpatient program that meets twice a week for three hours. A psychiatrist and therapist are available for consultation for the clients while they are in outpatient treatment and they also stay to assist with any psychiatric or mental health issues. The services are provided by a Master’s-level clinician, who is supervised by the Chief Clinical Officer, Stefan Bate, MA, LAC.

Weekly activities are still offered on an outpatient basis. This includes tension release exercises, equine therapy, meditation, photography and art therapy, yoga, Crossfit, martial arts, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. In fact, outside activities are so important that clients are screened for physical fitness before being admitted. As such, most clients skew younger.

Visitors are encouraged to come to see their loved one. The clinical staff coordinate what would be good for the family as well at the client. They also offer a Four Day Family Program.

Cellphones are not allowed on the premises in The Landing but are permitted at The Lodge as long as they are not a distraction.

Bonus Amenities

The Jaywalker Lodge has great dinners, a plethora of outdoor activities like mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing and all that fun stuff, but one big bonus is their alumni. They come for dinners on Wednesday nights, do talks and mentor. They also lend hands to each other, to the point that it has been called a Brotherhood. They have lots of events like expeditions and activities, networking and lots of volunteer opportunities that do not stop once you leave the rehab.


For some addicts, finding the causes of their lapse of sobriety never comes. Jaywalker Lodge offers someone a chance to really get to the bottom of the issue, grab it by the horns and get it under control once and for all with intense 12-step study and embracing of the beauty of nature. While it might be a little sporty for some, the fresh air and volunteerism gives men a chance to change their point of view and turn over a new leaf.

Jaywalker Lodge Location

811 Main Court

Carbondale, CO 81623

(866) 529-9255

Jaywalker Lodge Cost

$63,050 (97 days)

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