How Demi Lovato is Taking Mental Health on the Road with the Man Who 'Saved Her Life'

By The Fix staff 08/16/16

Already a vocal mental health advocate, Lovato is now incorporating recovery into her concerts.

Demi Lovato CAST Centers
Demi Lovato

It’s always inspiring to see a person in recovery thriving in their career, whether their job is behind a desk or being a rock star. Demi Lovato has overcome a lot since her days on the Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance. She has struggled with substance abuse, an eating disorder, self-harm and the complicated process of learning how to treat a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Now in recovery for over four years, Lovato is giving sobriety a good name and doing everything she can to help her fans and society at large. Already a vocal mental health advocate, Lovato is now incorporating recovery into her concerts. Literally, and with the man she claims that she wouldn’t be alive if not for him.

Entertainment Meets Wellness

Consider this the ultimate VIP Meet & Greet: way more than an opportunity for a handshake, a selfie and an autograph (are people still asking for autographs in 2016?). This is a chance for fans to hear public figures they admire share their personal experience, struggles and the strength it takes to overcome personal hurdles.

It’s also an opportunity to introduce Mike Bayer, the founder and CEO of CAST Centers and the man who has done so much for Demi in her life. Mike and Demi have set up this unique combination of a live performance with intimate conversations about recovery and wellness in conjunction with Lovato’s 44-city Honda Civic Future Now tour (the tour has been underway since late June and as of this publishing, there are 14 cities remaining). These pre-concert events include speaker presentations and group workshops, backed by CAST Centers.

Despite what the name might imply, CAST Centers has nothing to do with auditioning for a sitcom. It’s an LA network of facilities run by Bayer that promotes wellbeing through proven and innovative treatments to create the best possible life experience.

Together, Mike and Demi have been bringing the CAST Center mission to the masses. Some of the topics participants can expect to hear about at CAST Centers on Tour include how to establish healthy relationships, maintaining a positive self-image, spirituality and overall wellness.This is in addition to substance abuse and addiction issues.

According to Lovato, “This is a chance for you to come hear influential speakers talk about their personal journeys. After these talks, you’ll be inspired and motivated to overcome your personal fears and setbacks. We want everyone to leave empowered to start the journey on living your best life.”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever attended a motivational, uplifting, potentially life-changing seminar with an A-list star right before he or she performs? We didn’t think so. Lovato is proving she isn’t just “talking the talk” when it comes to fighting for more awareness around mental health. With a Q&A and general sharing, she’s providing an opportunity for young adults across North America to have a safe space to release their own fears and struggles (potentially in the presence of a really famous person, no pressure!).

Mike’s Mission

As Mike Bayer told Teen Vogue, cell phones aren’t allowed at the sessions (millennials: you best start prepping for this now), and, much like in Vegas, what happens at CAST Centers on Tour stays at CAST Centers on Tour. One of Bayer’s big picture goals is much like Lovato’s: to remove the shame and stigma around addiction and mental illness, and get young people into treatment if what they hear in these seminars inspires them. According to Bayer, “Shame’s just such a lousy feeling, like, really there’s nothing positive that comes out of shame.” 

Amen, Mike.

Those who hear the message and want to seek treatment in Los Angeles can get it at CAST, which offers, in addition to outpatient treatment, a comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and sober/transitional living, as well as recovery companions, day-long group wellness workshops, Neurofeedback Training (a fancy term for helping your brain operate as efficiently as possible), lifestyle coaching and interventions.

Not your average wellness center, it also incorporates nutritional education, career guidance, yoga and personal training.

Save Yourself a Seat

Amazingly, tickets for this show-before-the-show are free depending on space and the random selection process. A ticket to the actual concert is required in order to be eligible. By filling out an application as soon as possible prior to the date in your city, you’ll have a chance of getting invited to this special event. Invites to the exclusive event are sent out a couple of days before the show. Walk-ins are accepted if there’s last-minute space, but you gotta be 16 years of age or older and have a Future Now concert ticket for that particular city in your hands. The seminars are held in a special location within the concert venue; specific location and meeting time are sent to participants prior to the event.

Some of the potential guest speakers besides Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas include Ron Artest (that’s Metta World Peace, y’all). Follow CAST at for more speaker announcements.

The tour continues though mid-September with its final show at The Forum in Inglewood, California on September 17. Here’s hoping CAST Centers on Tour becomes a recurring event and knocks Woodstock down a notch in the history books. After all, what could be more historical than singing and dancing and a little bit of self-help in between?

Want to learn more about CAST Centers? Reach CAST Centers by phone at (866) 283-9885 or by email. Follow CAST Centers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. Register now at

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