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Genesis House

By The Fix staff 03/07/15

Located a nine-iron away from century city and bordering Beverly Hills, in the quiet upscale neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, is Genesis House.

Genesis House Sober Living
Location : Cheviot Hills, CA
Phone : 800-434-2301
Price : $10,000 - 15,000/mo. Most insurance accepted
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : No

California Drug Rehab Center Review

Genesis is a structured sober living facility for men in recovery which combines an intensive outpatient program in addition to outside meetings, weekly house meetings, family support, and morning meditation. The home environment is comfortable and supportive, with dinnertime discussions and staff who are always available to help at any time.

Genesis also has experience working with clients who are in sober living because of a court requirement and will work with the judicial system to make sure all legal requirements are met.

The age of clients ranges from approximately 18 to 65 and includes men “from all different walks of life, some very successful…some who were cut off from their parents.” The careers varied from a “lawyer who used to sit in the bathroom and do his work there like it was his office” to students and people who had burned all their bridges and were left with nothing.

Since meals are made communally, with a different person acting as chef each week, the food quality could vary considerably. All alumni do agree that the meals were, for the most part, healthy and that fortunately there was always coffee available. Sandwiches and salads could be made between meals if residents were hungry. As for favorites, one former resident claimed that “Sunday breakfasts were the best!”

Rooms are shared at Genesis, with residents required to make their beds in the morning and complete a short chore lasting no longer than a few minutes (assigned weekly). The day is spent at an outpatient facility participating in groups such as relapse prevention, family education, anger management, process groups, and intensive one on one individual therapy as well as individual case management or after care. There are educational and occupational resources available for clients who need specialized support in those areas. After returning to the sober living facility, clients go out to 12-step, SMART recovery, or other meetings: “We could choose from a great variety of meetings all over town and at different times.”

One of the strongest takeaways from Genesis alumni is the strong bonds the men formed with each other. As one former client says, “I haven't been to Genesis for almost 12 years now but my two best friends in the world came from there … there are really about six or seven of us that are all doing very well and we all keep in touch with each other and support each other to this day.”

Consequences for breaking rules at Genesis are fair and logical. “For example, if someone was late for curfew and it became a consistent behavior, staff would require them to [buddy up] with a responsible house member.” And “If someone drank or used drugs they were asked to leave immediately.” Genesis prides itself on providing a safe environment for the rest of the community (not always the case at sober living facilities). “They place the emphasis on the SOBER in sober living, and that is just one of the ways this place differs from many other facilities.” You can come back when you are willing to make a commitment to your sobriety.

Amenities at Genesis include weight training and a hi-def TV (“mostly sports”); golf, tennis, a basketball gym, soccer, baseball, hiking, relaxing, and more are available for residents at the park across the street. There are also off-site outings like surfing and camping trips. Cell phones, internet, and TV are all always available during non-group and meeting times.

As far as treatment, alumni claim that “completing the [process] toward graduation was the most memorable aspect.” The strength of this program is in the support from staff and the bonds created by the men who have all gone through the program, combined with the groups, intensive one-on-one therapy, case management, and aftercare all conducted by first-rate clinicians in the IOP.

The combination of Genesis House’s structured home environment and this high level of outpatient clinical care leads to the outstanding outcomes that Genesis has become known for. Every Genesis alum who took our survey has remained clean and sober, with more than half of the respondents having double-digit sobriety. Because of this, alumni claim that they “owe everything to Genesis.” The recurring theme in all of our surveys was the friendships and camaraderie that developed as a result of time spent at Genesis. “I developed friendships that I will have for the rest of my life” is a common refrain, as is “I would recommend anyone who wants to get sober to check into Genesis, it changed my life. I know it can do the same for you.”

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