Free Insurance Benefits Check

Need insurance to cover the cost of rehab? 

Get partial, or in some cases, the full cost of treatment covered!

Getting insurance to cover the cost of treatment can be impossible in most cases overwhelming. Our team of experienced insurance benefits professionals is here 24/7 to walk you through this difficult process, free of charge:

  • We respond within 1 hour with your benefits coverage.
  • We help you get the best price for treatment, based on your financial situation and/or your insurance policy.  
  • We check your insurance benefits for you in order to determine the best treatment center you can attend with your policy. That way we can help determine what your maximum benefit is under your existing policy and help you find the best treatment available. Simply put, wouldn't you rather get the best treatment your insurance company will pay for? Of course you would.

    Remember insurance companies are businesses that are designed to make money. When you call them directly, they are only going to offer you the cheapest local option available. They won't take the time to really assess you and your needs to match you up with the best fit that your insurance will provide.

    Our trained professionals will take the time to not only check your insurance, but help walk you through finding the right quality treatment center.

At The Fix, it's our goal to provide addicts, or loved ones of addicts, with the best possible level of care based on each individual's needs and financial situation. We've helped thousands find quality effective treatment.  Thank you for being a loyal reader of

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Of course, all calls and e-mails are treated as strictly confidential. In an emergency, please call 911.