Fix Columnist Amy Dresner Scores A Book Deal For 'My Fair Junkie'

By John Lavitt 03/07/16

Amy Dresner shares her journey through rehabs, psych wards, suicide attempts and a felony arrest with humor and grace.

Fix Columnist Amy Dresner Scores A Book Deal For 'My Fair Junkie'
Amy Dresner Photo credit: Wendy Hall

Since 2011, Amy Dresner has been one of the most engaging, popular and well-received columnists at The Fix.

Amy has bared her struggles in recovery with our readers with harrowing honesty and cutting-edge humor. As a former professional comic, Amy understands that humor is a key component in the empathy process. She has consistently made us feel as though we were in on a terrifying joke that we hope she survives. Going well beyond survival, Amy has thrived, and The Fix is proud to announce that she has scored a publishing deal with the Hachette Book Group for her upcoming memoir, My Fair Junkie.

At the same moment that we express our congratulations, we also wish to show our ongoing support for and belief in Amy’s inspirational talents. As she told us, “Writing a memoir is difficult because it’s about self-examination, but it’s also about storytelling. It’s hard to not elevate or defend yourself. You have to throw away any investment in looking good or being likable. Like all my writing, this book is gruesomely honest, but I think that’s the only way to give people an opportunity to fully experience some misadventure that they will hopefully never have to go through in their own lives.”

If anyone can successfully navigate such treacherous waters, Amy is the perfect captain for her upcoming book. Despite six rehabs, four psych wards, three suicide attempts and 20 grand mal seizures, Amy somehow had managed to dodge any real repercussions in her 20-year battle with addiction. That all changed on Christmas Eve of 2011. High on OxyContin, she pulled a knife on her then husband during one more argument in what would prove to be the end of a failing marriage. Amy was promptly arrested for felony domestic violence with a deadly weapon.  

Overcoming the devastating consequences of that arrest, the loss of so much more than just a bad marriage, and the resulting pinball-like attempts to finally find the path of sustainable sobriety, Amy has finally arrived at a place of what she would call relative serenity. The goal is that the cathartic process of writing My Fair Junkie will be a true step in the right direction. 

As Amy explains, “My hope and aspiration is that My Fair Junkie will help chip away at the stigma that surrounds addiction. It will take something that was horribly destructive in my life and make it useful to others…like roasting marshmallows over an arsonist’s bonfire. It will rip off the mask of obscenity or otherness with brutal humor and maybe even some insight.”

Experiencing the gift of such insight firsthand since 2011, The Fix is truly happy to take this opportunity to congratulate not only a fair junkie, but a fair lady as well. Way to go, Ms. Amy Dresner. Like our readers, we can’t wait to score a copy—forgive the ongoing drug allusion, but we just couldn’t help ourselves—and get our hands and our eyes and our souls on what we are sure will be a remarkable account of a harrowing journey—My Fair Junkie.

If you want to keep up with Amy as the process and her life moves forward, you can follow her on Twitter @amydresner.

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