Drugs Found In NFL Player's Home After Woman's Overdose Death

By Desiree Bowie 11/21/19

Investigators reportedly found pills, marijuana and foil with residue during their search of Montae Nicholson's home.

NFL player Montae Nicholson
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Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson and his friend Kyle Askew-Collins dropped off 21-year-old Julia Crabbe at Inova Emergency Room-Ashburn HealthPlex early last Thursday morning. She was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly thereafter. Hours later, investigators performed a search of Nicholson's home.

According to the Post, Crabbe and Nicholson had been dating for six months.

The Investigation Begins

According to USA Today Sports published info about the search of Nicholson's home:

The search warrant states that authorities executed the warrant and searched Nicholson's home in Ashburn, Virginia, on Thursday, hours after Nicholson and another man — identified in the report as Kyle Askew-Collins — dropped off Julia Crabbe in a car at Inova Emergency Room-Ashburn HealthPlex. 

The search warrant said that hospital staff reported that Crabbe "appeared to be deceased" when removed from the car at the hospital. There were indications that she died of a drug overdose, according to the warrant.

The warrant did not specify to whom the drugs belonged. The warrant indicated that police also recovered a safe and black box, an iPhone, a coat and a notebook from the house.

The Washington Post reports investigators found pills, marijuana and foil with residue during the search. They recovered "a safe and black box, an iPhone, a $20 bill, towels, a blanket, a coat and a notebook" during the search of Nicholson's home. 

Nicholson's attorney Mark Dycio told The Washington Post, “Montae would have no knowledge of the drugs because they belonged to a guest. It’s a tragic story. It’s a tragedy that the news is focused on where she died instead of the drug epidemic ravaging the country.”

The Night Of

According to the search warrant, an unnamed source told investigators that on the night in question, Nicholson, Askew-Collins and Crabbe went out to dinner in DC. Later that evening, Crabbe was discovered in the bathroom, unresponsive. Askew-Collins allegedly called an unnamed individual for help with the situation with Crabbe who was described as foaming at the mouth and in the middle of what appeared to be an overdose.

Nicholson and Askew-Collins never called 911; instead they decided to bring Crabbe to a hospital which was a short distance away from their location. 

No one has been charged in connection with Crabbe's death but Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said their investigation is ongoing.

Any Given Sunday

On the Sunday aftter the incident, Nicholson suited up to play the NY Jets. The team lost 34-17.

When asked by reporters about the team's decision to let Nicholson play, Washngton Redskins coach Bill Calahan had this to say, “I didn’t get into all of that. (Nicholson) spoke to a lot of other people in the organization relative to that situation. From my perspective, in terms of playing him and the decision of playing him was strictly based on coaching gathered with all of the other information that I had."

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