Drama Teacher Gives Eighth Graders Instructions To Cook Meth For Group Project

By Victoria Kim 02/22/17

When the group’s original idea didn’t work out, the teacher suggested they portray drug users cooking and injecting meth.


A drama teacher in Mississauga, Ontario, near Toronto, was suspended after distributing a printout to students with detailed instructions on how to cook and inject methamphetamine last week.

Delight Greenidge, the mother of a 13-year-old in the teacher’s class, notified staff at Erin Mills Middle School of the strange assignment, and broke down in tears during an interview with CBC.

“This is what an educator is giving to my child. It could undo a lot of what I taught him,” she told CBC on camera. “It’s mind boggling.”

According to Greenidge’s son, who asked not to be identified, the class was originally assigned to develop an “original skit about an old TV show using emotions,” according to CBC

When his group’s idea didn’t work out, the teacher suggested they portray a drug user cooking and injecting meth, and provided the printout. The group was instructed to “act scared” while pretending to cook the drug, and to “act happy” when injecting it. 

According to the Peel District School Board, the teacher found the instructions on the internet. Upon a Google search, the same instructions appear on Bluelight.org, an online harm reduction forum where people exchange information and personal experiences with drugs. 

According to Bluelight’s mission statement, it “neither condones nor condemns the use of drugs.” The 2007 post by a Bluelighter named Koosh is a step by step guide, with pictures, on how to set up and inject amphetamine. The user specifies that the post is not about meth. 

“Feel around for vein. Once found, slowly place the needle in your arm,” Greenidge read from the printout for CBC on the verge of tears. “Then pull back the plunger and—I can’t do this, sorry.”

“To think that all of what I’ve tried so hard to teach him—good principles, good values, moral character—the things that make you a man, a strong black man, and this is what an educator is giving to my child,” said Greenidge. "It could undo a lot of what I taught him because sometimes he would think the things the teacher says are sometimes more important than the things mum says. They do have that influence and impact." 

The teacher is now under investigation.

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