Devon Sawa Is 12 Years Sober

By Kelly Burch 01/02/19

Actor Devon Sawa took to Twitter to celebrate his sober milestone.

Devon Sawa took to Twitter to celebrate his sober milestone
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Only someone in recovery would know exactly how many days are in 12 years: 4,380. That’s how many days Final Destination actor Devon Sawa has been in recovery, an accomplishment that he celebrated on Twitter this week. 

“12 years sober, officially,” Sawa wrote. “This is one tweet in which I declare I’m fishing for compliments. I earned every 4,380 days and it wasn’t easy.”

Sawa became famous in the 1990s for staring in movies including Casper and Final Destination. However, at just 25 he decided to say goodbye to Hollywood. It was during that hiatus that he got sober. 

“At 25 years old I stepped away from the business for five years and most of the time didn’t know whether I was going to come back or not,” Sawa told US Weekly last year. “I had done a series of four or five indie movies that I wasn’t necessarily proud of. Some were horror movies. After Final Destination everybody wanted me to do horror movies and some weren’t as good as others. I was just burnt out.”

He only returned by chance, he said. 

“I was brought back into the business by accident. Somebody at my agency didn’t get the memo that I quit and sent me an audition and I put myself on tape and that was it,” Sawa said. “I didn’t get it… But I did really well and the casting director wanted to meet me and I did. I thought, ‘You know what, this is what I love. This is what I really want to do.’ So I don’t know why I stepped away in the first place.”

More recently, Sawa stared alongside Paula Patton in Somewhere Between, an ABC drama. He said that he is glad that a fluke brought him back into the acting business. 

“I think if somebody hadn’t had sent me that audition I think that I may still be out of it. I was happy what I was doing but I’m happier now. I’m happier back doing what I really love.”

When asked his on-set must-haves, Sawa insists that he’s simple. 

“I’m not that guy,” he said. “I just need a place that’s a little quiet before I go in and other than that I don’t have anything that I need. I’m not the Skittles with no red in a bowl or sparkling water kind of guy.”

As for sobriety, Sawa said this week that his years of commitment have paid off. 

“To anyone else on this journey just starting out, it’s worth it. My life today has ups and downs, but overall, I’m a lucky man.”

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