Courtney Love Refuses to "Sell Out" to OxyContin Heiress at NYFW, Takes It to Instagram

By Victoria Kim 09/11/19

“This request from Joss Sackler is shameless and offensive after everything I, many of my friends, and millions of other addicts have been through with OxyContin,” Love told Page Six.

Courtney Love, 2019
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Manhattan socialite Joss Sackler could not escape the controversy of her family name during this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Ahead of the NYFW presentation of her line, "LBV care of Joss Sackler," on Monday, Page Six reported that the “OxyContin heiress” offered more than $100,000 and a dress sewn with 24 carat gold thread to Courtney Love to attend the show.

Ties to OxyContin

The Sackler Family owns Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin. Purdue is fighting a barrage of lawsuits alleging that the pharmaceutical company played a role in fueling the opioid crisis. The company is currently negotiating a settlement ahead of a much anticipated federal trial scheduled to begin in October.

State attorneys general have vowed to go after the family’s wealth as retribution. “I won’t let them get away with their crimes,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Twitter. “I will sue them personally, so that we can dig into their personal pocketbooks.”

David Sackler, Joss’s husband, is the grandson of Raymond Sackler, one of the three company’s founders. David served on Purdue’s board of directors from 2012 to 2018, before the couple “fled town” to escape the controversy, as Page Six reported in May, trading their $6.5 million Upper East Side apartment for a place in Palm Beach, Florida.

Rejected by Courtney Love

Joss Sackler and her team, who are “huge fans” of Courtney Love, assured the Hole rocker that “The brand has no relation to Purdue… other than Joss is married to the family,” according to Page Six.

But Love wasn’t having it. “I am one of the most famous reformed junkies on the planet—my husband died on heroin—what is it about me that says to Joss Sackler, ‘I will sell out to you?’ Well I won’t.”

She continued, telling Page Six, “This request from Joss Sackler is shameless and offensive after everything I, many of my friends, and millions of other addicts have been through with OxyContin.” Love is sober but says she will “always be an opioid addict… I am just in recovery.”

Sackler countered, posting an email screenshot suggesting that Love, instead of rejecting her offer, sought “$275,000 minimum” to attend Sackler’s NYFW event. She wrote “Fake news” in the caption and tagged Love’s Instagram handle. Love responded: "Check me out you bitch. Come for me. Lying sack of #sacklerlies shit."

Fashion Show

Sackler’s event went ahead as planned on Monday at the Bowery Hotel Terrace. The atmosphere was described by one journalist as “redolent of defiant wealth.”

A friend of the family, Jaya Karamores, defended Joss. “It’s unfair,” she told the Daily Beast. “She’s her own woman and people should see the line before they open their mouths. All she’s seen as is a man’s wife. For her to run a business is amazing.”

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