Youth-Based Nonprofit Releases 'Above the Influence' Toolkit

By John Lavitt 12/29/14

Partnership For Drug-Free Kids recently released a prescription drug awareness toolkit to help reduce adolescent substance abuse.


The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has released a new Above the Influence toolkit to assist community leaders and organizations. The goal is to disseminate prescription drug abuse prevention information to children and youth. The toolkit provides a guide to help adults talk about prescription drugs using descriptions for young children to illuminating their dangers to teenagers. 

In addition to communication tools, the Above the Influence toolkit contains group and event planning activities while providing access to multimedia resources. The goal is to inspire local county officials to explore a variety of methods to engage youth and prevent prescription drug abuse in their communities. By providing prevention education, the hope is the prescription drug epidemic can be stemmed in the younger generation before it takes hold.

The mission of the nonprofit Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is to reduce teen substance abuse while supporting families impacted by addiction. From a Parent Survival Guide to raising drug-free kids to the Medicine Abuse Project, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has instituted programs to provide support on the front lines of the childhood addiction battle. With the Above the Influence toolkit, the organization is recognizing its limitations in terms of national impact.

Without the help of local communities, officials and educators, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids understands that they will continue to fight an almost impossible uphill battle. By releasing the Above the Influence toolkit, the strategy is to expand their impact by giving over access to key resources to the people and their local authorities. 

The Above the Influence downloads page offers a vast array of tools and resources to accomplish this mission. With the logo of the toolkit being an arrow pointing up to the sky and the metaphorical heavens, the idea is success against the prescription drug epidemic can only be achieved by working together in a positive direction. 

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