Young America Still Split on Pot

By McCarton Ackerman 11/14/12

Young adults back legal marijuana less enthusiastically than gay marriage or citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Young people are more pro-gay than
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Contrary to popular belief, America's young adults are not in fact unanimously pro-pot-legalization. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that while most of those aged 18-29 back legalization, that support lags significantly behind their support for gay marriage, and for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants: 55% favor legal pot, compared to 66% in favor of gay marriage and 69% in favor of a path to citizenship. But as expected, young people are more enthusiastic about all three of these policies than their elders. On marijuana legalization, people aged 30-49 are 51% in favor. Support among the '60s generation of baby boomers marginally bucked the trend, with 52% of respondents aged 50-64 in favor—but in the biggest generation-gap, just 30% of over-65s expressed support for legal pot.

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