X Factor Contestant Canned for Cocaine Blow-Out

By Adam K. Raymond 11/11/11

Simon Cowell kicks out 18-year-old contestant Frankie Cocozza for boasting about a cocaine binge—is that fair? 

Frankie Cocozza: thanks and goodbye Photo via

X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza was kicked off the talent show for bragging about an all-night coke bender earlier this week. From the moment he first walked onto the stage with painted-on skinny jeans and hair that makes Justin Bieber look like a staff sergeant, his trajectory was predictable: he'd coast through the first few rounds on his looks before flaming out spectacularly. What else to expect from someone who mooned millions to prove his ass was tattooed with the names of his conquests? Apparently his cocaine boast is "breaking competition rules." X Factor creator Simon Cowell says, "It's very sad, but he has no one to blame but himself.'' Which is just the kind of response you'd expect from Cowell, who's been able to buy an endless supply of V-necks with the money he makes off of people like Cocozza. They're chosen to create drama, then they're booted off to create even more. This 18-year-old kid is only behaving like pop stars do on a show meant to create pop stars. Cowell and co., who provided the opportunity for his life to spiral "out of control," as he puts it—before getting shot of him—are guilty of more.

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