Woman Lures Underage Boys With Vodka, Pot For Sex

By Bryan Le 05/14/14

A British woman has been charged with five counts relating to her providing free marijuana and alcohol to teenage boys in her home where she sexually molested them.


Chantelle Goatley, 36, is on trial in the UK for turning her home into a haven for teenage boys to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana so she could take advantage of them. The alleged events occurred between January and April of last year.

A British court heard evidence that Goatley slept with one teenager and molested another at her home after plying both with booze and weed. Jurors heard several Facebook message exchanges between Goatley and one of the boys, whose name has been withheld due to his age. Both were 14 to 15 years at the time of the abuse.

"You’ve got 18 bottles of Stella and loads of weed to have. xx," she messaged on Facebook. "Vodka, weed, me. What more could you ask for?"

Another boy claimed that he drank and smoked so much that all he remembered was waking up with Goatley next to him asking him, "How was the blow job?"

"They were still children and she knew their ages," said Prosecutor Matthew Walsh.

Over time, her home became a popular place for teenage boys to drink and smoke marijuana without having to pay money. But as the teens became drunk, stoned, and comfortable, they found themselves vulnerable to Goatley's sexual advances.

"Do you regret anything??? Can you remember it all? Be honest hun x." Goatley messaged a boy who could barely stand when she performed a sex act on him. "I’m sorry. I thought you actually liked it/me. I was wrong. It was my fault. If it was a mistake just say."

Goatley claimed that she did not send the messages.

"She said she didn’t remember having those exchanges and because it wasn’t her that had been sending those messages it must have been someone else, unless the boy had been going into his Facebook account and sending himself those messages," said Prosecutor Walsh. Goatley also denied having her home used as a drug and alcohol haven and says she did not molest anyone.

Goatley has been charged with one count of permitting the smoking of cannabis on her property, one count of intent to commit a sexual offense, one count of inciting a child into sexual activity, and two counts of engaging a child in sexual activity.

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