Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping to Avoid DUI Charge

By Mei Schultz 06/20/13

A Massachusetts woman locks herself in her own trunk and lies to police.

Scene of the "crime" via

A woman from Massachusetts was so desperate to avoid being caught driving under the influence that she locked herself in the trunk of her own car and told cops she had been kidnapped. According to police reports, two men found Maria Brayfield, 24, trapped in a white Ford Focus on the side of a Massachusetts highway last weekend. Beverly Police Department spokesman Michael Boccuzzi says that the two men “heard screams from the back of the car, broke the rear window, and found the woman locked in the back of the hatchback.” Brayfield told the men she had been kidnapped, forced to drive her own car, and then locked in the back. However, further questioning by the police department’s criminal investigations unit revealed that she had faked the kidnapping. According to Boccuzzi, Brayfield later confessed that she was “intoxicated by fear”of being caught driving while under the influence. While police could not confirm that Brayfield was in fact driving while intoxicated—either by liquor or by fear—the department charged her with filing a false police report. She is due to appear in court at a later date.

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