What Might Be the Drunkest Wedding Ever Went Down in PA Last Weekend

By May Wilkerson 06/25/15

From alcohol poisoning and fisticuffs to crotch-grabbing and a would-be duel, this wedding had it all.

Drunk wedding suspects
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Time will tell if a marriage can withstand the test of time, but one Pennsylvania couple’s wedding day will last for all of eternity in their local police blotter. Though they may not actually remember it themselves.

Drunken dancing and an embarrassing toast or two are par for the course at a wedding thanks to an open bar. But the nuptials of a bride, who remains anonymous, and her new hubbie, Nicholas Papoutsis, 31, took wedding drunkenness to a whole new level.

According to the police blotter and local news sources, things began to go south after a wedding guest defended her 14-year-old’s right to get drunk at the reception by punching a judgmental guest in the face. Then, naturally, a brawl broke out. Cops were called and by the time they arrived, there were drunken “fights everywhere,” according to local police chief Scott Eaken.

“We went there with the intent of telling everyone to leave and go home, but that unfortunately didn’t happen,” he said.

Instead, the groom “challenged the cops to a duel,” Gawker reports. According to local paper The Reading Eagle, the sloshed wedding guests “berated and threatened” the officers, prompting them to call for backup from 10 neighboring police departments.

By the time the fleets arrived, cops had used a taser to subdue one rowdy guest. The stun gun reportedly “had no effect” on the man, who proceeded to grab one of the officers in the crotch. The officer returned the favor by taking him down with a baton.

At this point, the bride had collapsed on the floor and was taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. The 14-year-old was also hospitalized with a BAC of .16. Seven people, including the groom, were arrested and four officers were hospitalized with injuries.

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