Bill to Drug-Test Welfare Applicants Sinks in Indiana

By Fionna Agomuoh 02/01/12

The measure was withdrawn after opponents attached an amendment that required politicians to be tested as well.

Jud McMillin says he'd happily take the test.
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An Indiana bill seeking to mandate drug testing for welfare applicants has been withdrawn—after it was amended to include drug testing for lawmakers. Indiana General Assembly Republican Rep. Jud McMillin took his bill—similar to ones introduced across the US in over 30 states, including Florida—off the table Friday when Democrat Rep. Ryan Dvorak successfully added the lawmaker amendment. It's considered unconstitutional for political candidates to be subject to drug testing. McMillin says he's withdrawn the bill temporarily so it can be revised, while insisting that responsible legislators—including him—would have no problem submitting: "Give me the cup right now and I will be happy to take the test." The bill will be reintroduced on Monday. McMillin's suggested revisions would mean only welfare-seekers who “arouse reasonable suspicion” would be forced to take tests. Dvorak isn't convinced of his rival's honorable intent: "After it passed, Rep. McMillin got pretty upset and pulled his bill,” he says. "If anything, I think it points out some of the hypocrisy... If we're going to impose standards on drug testing, then it should apply to everybody who receives government money."

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