Seattle Ranch Puts Weed in the Pigs' Feed

By Bryan Le 05/15/13

The ranch bulks up its porkers by giving them leftover pot from a local dispensary.

Fried? Or baked? Photo via

The pigs at the BB Ranch in Seattle, Washington are getting high off a local marijuana dispensary's supply—and they are also getting fat off it. William von Schneidau, the ranch's owner, is “puttin' some weed to the feed, if you know what I mean," he explains in a video (below). "We're actually feedin' 'em marijuana.” These so-called "pot pigs" are following in the footsteps of their predecessors, "vodka pigs," who have been fed with vodka grains from a local distillery for some while. But now that marijuana is legal in the state, the ranchers are nourishing their porkers with the left over stems, leaves and root bulbs from a local high-quality dispensary. Not all mammals have cannabinoid receptors, which process THC, but pigs do—and Schneidau reports that the "pot pigs" are mellower and have gained more weight than their sober fellows. According to Matt McAlman of the dispensary that supplies BB Ranch, the stems and leaves actually have higher cannabinoid content than the buds and flowers, so the pigs are likely to get pretty stoned. But will they taste better? For those who wish to find out, Von Schneidau will be serving up his pot pigs for $109 a plate at the upcoming Nose-To-Tail Pig Fest.

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