'Weed Firm' Game Hits Top Of iTunes Charts

By McCarton Ackerman 05/21/14

A new Farmville-like game allows players to become a drug dealer trying to expand their weed growing business.

weed firm.jpeg
Screen shoot of Weed Firm.

A new game that lets people run their own fantasy weed business has parents up in arms, but the Apple-approved game has already reached the top of the iTunes app charts.

Weed Firm is essentially Farmville on steroids - well, pot - and allows the player to take on the role of a drug dealer seeking to grow their weed business. The game, which was designed by Manitoba Games, features an expelled botany student named Ted Growing as its main character. He “inherits a growing operation and expands it,” while the game encourages players “to grow weed, plant new varieties to increase your yields, expand your customer base and interact with the characters to become the biggest weed dealer in town."

Manitoba has issued a disclaimer for the game, however, which says that they are not endorsing drug using or dealing and that Weed Firm is “solely a work of fiction and should be viewed only as such." The game has received mainly good ratings on iTunes, but has also gotten some comically negative feedback. One user noted that "I hate when the gangsters break in and steal all of your money and weed and if you haven't already got any seeds or weed, you can't buy or sell anything else."

But while Weed Firm is certain to continue raising eyebrows, it’s not the first game that puts the user in control of a fantasy drug business. An online game, The Moneybin, which is a clone of an older game DopeWars, allows players to deal virtual drugs on the street.

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