Weed-Delivering Drones Could Soon Fill The Skies

By Brent McCluskey 11/11/14

San Francisco-based Eaze has already serviced 500 medical marijuana patients in its first two weeks of operation.

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One San Francisco-based company is looking up as they plan to fill the skies with medical marijuana-delivering drones.

Eaze recently received $1.5 million in seed funding for their novel program and is putting that money towards an app that could streamline their airborne delivery process.

Patients can use the app to select the strain and quantity of marijuana they want, submit their order, then sit back and wait while Eaze takes care of the rest. Currently, Eaze can use their drones to deliver marijuana anywhere around San Francisco in as little as six minutes.

The startup company is already doing quite well and served 500 patients in the first two weeks. Eaze founder Keith McCarty, who comes from a technology background, says his vision of delivering medicine always included marijuana-delivering drones. “If I were to paint a grand vision of how to deliver medicine, it was definitely part of the plan,” McCarty said. “Some of our patients are developing drones and they’ve hit us up.”

McCarty says Eaze fills a much needed gap for an adequate medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco and guarantees that the marijuana will be at your doorstep within ten minutes of ordering. “Eaze provides an opportunity to offer a level of service that’s unmatched in San Francisco,” McCarty said.

But McCarty doesn’t plan to stop in San Francisco. In one year he hopes to have the Eaze service available in multiple cities. One potential hurdle McCarty foresees, however, are the ever-changing laws surrounding marijuana. “A year from now feels like a light-year,” McCarty said.

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