Man on 'Bad Trip' Terrorizes Small Town, Goes to McDonald's

By Victoria Kim 10/16/14

George Jacobson's 'spiritual journey' included guns, kidnapping, and a sandwich.


A Washington man is facing 14 criminal charges, including robbery, burglary, kidnapping, theft of a firearm, criminal trespassing, and vehicle prowling, after what he alleged was a “bad trip” on acid caused him to black out for a week.

The crime spree, which lasted from September 26 to October 3, started in Roy, Wash., where police became aware of the suspect, 23-year-old George Jacobson, after receiving two calls from residents in the town.

Jacobson’s first victim, Sherman Deach, discovered the suspect in his barn clutching a single black boot. Jacobson ran from Deach when he threatened to sic his dogs on him. Jacobson then broke into a neighboring house within a half hour, where he was discovered by his second victim, Nikki Foster, in her kitchen.

Jacobson allegedly drew a gun he had found in the family’s back bedroom. He demanded food and water, so Foster made him a sandwich. While he ate, Jacobson told Foster he was on a “spiritual journey” and that his “boot contained jewels.”

Eventually, Foster and her husband, who arrived later, were able to persuade the suspect to leave. They drove him to the end of the driveway and warned him not to come back. Only later did they discover that their gun was missing, police said.

Jacobson was not heard from again until the morning of October 3, when a witness discovered him rummaging through a car, in which he left a stash of stolen knives when he became spooked and ran off. Later, he was found in the home of Sally Andrews, “holding both her wallet and her breath mints,” according to Vocativ, which obtained court documents that “offer a vivid snapshot of the carnage.”

Jacobson stole Andrews’ car, crashed it into a ditch, and abandoned it. His next stop was the home of Robert Sheets. Gun drawn, Jacobson demanded a fresh pair of clothes, wearing nothing but a pair of red shorts himself. Sheets complied. Jacobson then asked him for a ride home to Rainier, about eight miles away.

On the way, the suspect insisted they make a quick stop at McDonald’s, where the two men got soft drinks at the drive-thru. Sheets dropped Jacobson off in Rainier, where he was picked up soon after by police. Police said Jacobson was clearly high and sporting a fresh scar in the middle of his forehead when he was arrested.

In police custody, Jacobson admitted he “prefers meth,” but was on a “bad trip” after taking acid about a week before. He had been blacking out ever since.

Jacobson is currently being held in the Pierce County Jail on a bond of $1 million.

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