Was LeAnn Rimes Drunk on the X-Factor?

By Bryan Le 12/20/12

The country singer's peculiar behavior and on-stage stumble set the rumor mill spinning.

rimes sonenclar.jpg
Rimes embraces Sonenclar during the last
note of their duet.
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LeAnn Rimes' “uneven and uncomfortable” performance (below) in a duet on the X-Factor last night has provoked suspicions that the country singer was intoxicated. Rimes stumbled on a flight of stairs when contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar welcomed her onto the stage for a duet of “How Do I Live Without You,” and gripped Sonenclar tightly during the performance. “Oh my God I love this girl so much. She's such an amazing talent I wanna just wrap her up and just hold her!” gushed Rimes about her duet-partner afterwards, prompting judge Mario Lopez to exclaim: “Well you're doin' it!” Rumors of her drunkenness have swirled online, with fans pointing out that Rimes' voice lacked its “usual strength.” But the singer denies the allegations, claiming her unusual performance was an attempt to make the young contestant feel more comfortable. “I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having trouble with this song,” she says. Her lawyer, Larry Stein, chimes in: “LeAnn was not performing the way she would normally perform because she was on stage with a young girl.” The country star was recently accused by her husband's ex, Brandi Glanville, of being a drug addict who "drinks like a fish;" she spent 30 days in treatment for anxiety and stress last August.

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