Wall Street Giant Tells Stories Of Cocaine-Fueled Escapades In ‘Straight to Hell’

By Brent McCluskey 07/14/15

John LeFevre's tell-all book Straight to Hell details his days of drugs and debauchery on Wall Street.

John LeFevre
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John LeFevre was a blue-chip banker on Wall Street who made an exorbitant amount of money, and his new book Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion Dollar Deals pulls back the curtain to reveal his cocaine-fueled adventures and days of debauchery.

When LeFevre was first transferred to Hong Kong in 2004, he was immediately given the phone number of a local drug dealer who delivered directly to the office. While at a “Welcome to Asia” dinner, LeFevre was told to visit a local escort service that could provide “a hot, young Filipina girl.”

“This way, if you strike out at the bars and come home wasted and alone, all is not lost,” wrote LeFevre. “Trust me, she knows the drill.”

Drugs were prominent with many of the bankers, and when LeFevre’s personal maid mistakenly tossed out another banker’s cocaine, he had to make a personal phone call to ensure she wasn’t fired.

“That dumb bitch,” the banker seethed to LeFevre. “I left a bunch of coke out on a plate last night. It wasn’t just a little bit. I was Jack fucking Nicholson in The Departed."

But between prostitution and drugs, LeFevre seemed to prefer the latter, and would gather with other bankers at his home to snort cocaine on a daily basis.

He also recounted a particular instance where, while on a date with a woman from a prominent Chinese family, he locked himself in a bathroom stall to lick a bag of cocaine clean.

According to LeFevre, every serious banker knows what Hong Kong offers, which is “why they are always trying to drum up any excuse … to develop relationships with ‘the Asian investor base.’”

LeFevre has left Wall Street behind and now lives sober in Houston, Texas, with his family. His book, Straight to Hell hits bookshelves on July 14.

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