'Walk A Mile In Our Shoes' With The Addict’s Mom During Steps Of Hope on May 17, 2015

By John Lavitt 05/11/15

The Addict’s Mom will raise money and awareness about the toll of addiction.

Photo courtest of The Addict's Mom

On Sunday, May 17, The Addict’s Mom is holding an event, not to raise money, but to raise awareness of what it’s like to “Walk A Mile In Our Shoes.” In all 50 states, and in countries around the world, TAM mothers will be joined by families, friends, and participant organizations to walk a mile and share without shame. Beyond raising funds, The Addict’s Mom is doing its best to raise awareness about the devastating toll of the disease of addiction.

Barbara Theodosiou is the founder of The Addict’s Mom, and she was recently interviewed by The Fix. Barbara will be walking on Sunday to honor the memory of her son Daniel Montalbano. Daniel died on April 2, 2015 from horrible circumstances directly related to the disease of addiction as well as complications brought on by mental illness.

A major new cause now being addressed by The Addict’s Mom is the challenge of treating dual diagnosis patients and the lack of treatment options for such patients. With dual diagnosis—meaning the diagnosis of two separate disorders like the disease of addiction and a mental health problem that are co-occurring in a single patient—becoming more common than ever, the goal is to ensure everyone has access to capable and informed treatment opportunities.

The Addict’s Mom is dedicated to supporting families of those suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. With almost 25 million Americans abusing illegal drugs and even more falling prey to the temptation of prescription drug addiction, The Addict’s Mom fosters a place where mothers can share without shame. Sharing without shame is a valiant attempt to cope with the horrible pain of seeing a child in the throes of the disease of addiction while battling the societal stigma plaguing their families as a result.

Steps of Hope is being held at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in Davie, Florida from 10am to 1pm on Sunday, May 17, 2015. Along with the mile walk, Richie Supa of Recovery Unplugged will be the guest speaker. A respected American songwriter and guitarist, Richie Supa is best known for his collaborations with Aerosmith and Richie Sambora.

By providing entertainment, music and food, The Addict’s Mom hopes to draw out an even larger crowd for the event, raising awareness among people that have no direct experience with the devastating toll of the disease of addiction.

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